Secret Book Camera: Combine an Ipad and a Book to Make a Hidden Spy Camera.




Introduction: Secret Book Camera: Combine an Ipad and a Book to Make a Hidden Spy Camera.

     Are you an amateur spy looking for a simple way to make a hidden camera in a common, everyday item? Instead of buying a fancy camera gadget, try making this secret book camera. To make the book camera, you hollow out a large book and fit your Ipad in it. Then all you have to do is bore a hole in the back of the book so that the lens of the Ipad camera can "see" out. Using the book camera you can take pictures and videos with the Ipad without making your enemies suspicious. If they see you at all, they will simply think you are reading a good book. Lots of commercial hidden cameras don't allow you to view your pictures until you download them to your computer, but this Ipad/book camera lets you view them immediately. 
     Another awesome feature about this book camera is that it can be used as an Ipad case. Ipads are expensive, so you do not want to break them. But after spending a lot of money on an Ipad it may be hard to shell out another 30 dollars for a cheesy case. This secret book protects your Ipad, but still allows you to use the camera feature. If you have family members who are always "borrowing" your Ipad, then this Ipad book case is a perfect place to conceal your Ipad. 
     The secret book camera not only is a simple project for amateur spies, but it also serves as a case to protect your Ipad. Ready to get started? Follow the steps to make the perfect hidden camera and Ipad case. 

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

     Before you make your book camera, you need to gather a few materials and tools. Most of them are common household items. Find the following:

A large hardback book- Use one that is at least 3/4" larger then an Ipad in all directions. Make sure it is at least 1" thick or thicker. If you don't have a big enough book at your house, most libraries sell their old and used books.
Ipad 2
White School Glue
Small bowl
Utility Knife
Plastic Food Wrap
Some Extra Books or Weights

Step 2: Wrap the Book With Plastic Wrap

     The first step in making your book camera is to wrap part of the book's pages with plastic wrap. On the side of the book, measure a 1/2" section of pages and mark the measurement. Next, take the remaining, unmeasured section of pages and wrap them in plastic wrap. Make sure that you cover the front cover and the pages completely with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will protect these pages when you glue the other part of the book. 

Step 3: Glue

     Time to glue together part of your book. Mix equal parts water and glue in the small bowl with the paintbrush to form a runny mixture. Generously brush the glue mixture over the three sides of the book (do not brush the binding or covers, just where the pages are exposed). The plastic wrap should protect the pages that you do not want glued and cut. Next, place the book on a flat surface and stack other books or weights on top of it. The glue mixture soaks into the pages of the book and seals them together so that you don't have to glue each page individually. Allow the glue to dry 45 minutes to an hour before continuing to the next step. Don't forget to wash your brush off after gluing or it will harden together.

Step 4: Cut

     Once your glue has dried, open up the book. The glued section should stick together like one giant page. If it doesn't, then repeat step 3. Pick up your Ipad and set it face down in the middle of the glued section. The Ipad should have at least half an inch of page on each side of it. Next, trace around the Ipad with the pen. Set the Ipad aside and pick up the utility knife and ruler. Hold the ruler along a line of the tracing and cut on the line, using the ruler to guide the knife. Repeat on the other sides of the tracing. Remove the square(s) that you cut out, then repeat the process on the next page down, this time using previous cuts as a stencil. Keep cutting out the squares until you reach the back cover of the book.

Step 5: Glue Some More

     Time to add some more glue. Make up the glue and water mixture again if you don't have any left over from step three. Paint the inside of the hole with glue, once again painting enough glue to give the pages a reasonable soaking. Shut the book and place it under the books or weights for another 45 minutes to an hour. At the end of this gluing the pages should be thoroughly bonded with each other. 

Step 6: Bore a Hole

     Now that your book is hollow and the glue is dry, it is time to bore a hole in the back cover so that the Ipad camera can "see" out of the book. Measure and draw a dot 1/2" down the upper right side of the book and 1" from the right edge. Using the utility knife, bore a hole on the dot about 1/4" in diameter by turning your knife around and applying pressure. Trim off any loose pieces of cover that may obstruct the view of the camera. 

Step 7: Finished!

     Insert your Ipad into the hollow spot in the book so that the camera lens is lined up with the hole you bored in step 6. Turn on your Ipad and click on the camera app. You now have a hidden spy camera in a book. Sit down in a comfy spot and wait for the enemy to draw near, then start the video. Turn the unglued pages in your book so that it looks like you're reading. 
     You also have a handy case to protect your Ipad. You can keep your Ipad hidden from family members while still being able to use it easily whenever you want. The secret book camera is the perfect tool for amateur spies to watch their enemies, and the book also serves as a protective case to keep your Ipad safe at all times.

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