Send Paul Ryan a Progressive Postcard

Does it seem like Paul Ryan is just not getting it?! Wanna send a clear, progressive message to the man? How about sending a Postcard, like the one pictured, above? Here's how...

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Step 1: Download the PDF

Below is a link to a PDF that can be used to print a two-sided Postcard (2 actually) addressed to Paul Ryan's residence. Just click on it and download it.

Step 2: Print It and Send It!

  • Get some "card stock" from your local stationary store (90# is a good choice). You can get it at Amazon here:

  • If your printer can do it, just use the PDF to double-side print the postcards onto a sheet of card stock.
  • Otherwise, you need to learn how to print one side, then turn it over and print on the other side. You can do that by marking the paper before you print the first page and then place it into the printer (or feed it into the printer).
  • After you've printed the first page, reinsert the paper into the printer with the mark facing down, then print the second page.
  • Hold the printed paper up to a bright light and check the alignment. Do again until the alignment is correct. I find that I need to apply light pressure to the guides while the paper slides into the printer, in order for the images to print strait.
  • Cut out the postcards along the dark boarder, place a stamp on one or both, fill in your return address (optional), and chuck one or both into the nearest mailbox.



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