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We had a sequins ornament on our Christmas tree when I was little and I was just thinking about it recently. I decided to see if I could make one myself! The design will vary, but here are the basics for making your very own sequins and bead ornament! It really looks wonderful with the Christmas tree lights :)

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Step 1: What You'll Need

What you end up using will vary, but here are the basics to get you started.


  • Sequins - use size and color of choice. I got the variety pack shown which had 5 colors in 4 different sizes. I organized them all (because I'm crazy) and used the ones I designated as the "large" which were about 5mm or 7mm.
  • Sequin Pins (3/4 inch pins)
  • Seed Beads - I use what came in this kit
  • Styrofoam Balls (I used 2 1/2 inch, but use what you want/can find)]
  • Ribbon (I'm really sad this didn't start with "S")
  • Glue (optional)
  • Marker

Step 2: Getting Started With the Basics

Okay, let's familiarize ourselves with the basics of how to do this.

This can vary, of course. I debated layering beads and sequins of different sizes and you can do that. I want to try that, but for now I stuck with 1 bead and 1 sequins per.

  • Take a bead and put it on a pin. Make sure it fits and will go all the way to the flat end. If it doesn't, it will stick off the ball to much and might break, that happened to me.
  • Place the sequins where you want it on the ball. This can sometimes be a pain and sometimes it makes it easier (especially if you want it tucked under other sequins.
  • Hold the head of the pin and the bead in one hand. Stick it through the center of the sequins.
  • Push it all the way down as straight as you can and try not to move it around. It can sometimes slip and tear the ball a bit, but you should be fine as long as you don't do this over and over again and tear the Styrofoam ball apart.
  • Do this over and over again in your pattern of choice.
  • Okay, now that you know how, lets go ahead and plan the design first!
  • Tip: I think the traditional is to put the sequins on is bowl down so it hugs the ball. But one idea is to do the background like that and then do the design with the bowl up to give it even more definition. I did mine with all the bowls facing the ball.

Step 3: Planning and Filling in the Background

I found that planning the design ahead of time produces the best results (see next step for my first try).

One option is to just go for it. Stick beads and sequins in everywhere, however you want. This is good for younger people. Much easier. I decided to try to do something a little planned out.

  • Do your best to find the opposite ends, this is just nice for planning. I found the 4 quadrants of the sphere just in case, but I only really need to find the two ends to center my design.
  • Using a marker, draw on your design (use a marker, a pen or pencil will indent the ball). This isn't going to show once the sequins are on.
  • Start by filling in the background of your design. If you do the background first, your design will stick out better because you will see the full sequins pieces of the design. If you do the design first (as you can sort of see in my first one in the next step) it will get partially covered when you are doing the background because you want to cover as much of the ball as you can, and that involves overlapping sequins.
  • When you get to your design lines, just skip over them. Fill in as much as the background as you can, but make sure you have left enough room so a sequins can fit in. You can just set one on to make sure. It will need to fit between all the pins/beads.
  • Once you have your background filled in, you can move on to fill in the design.

Tip: Don't try to put pins through other sequins (not the sequins holes, but the sequins itself). It won't work and you'll wreck everything!

Step 4: First Try

So for my first go, I was like, Oh do the design, then fill in the background. No, don't do that. If you do you will cover the design. Also, if you use gold and silver only, you tend to lose the design. When I finished this one, you can see it in the background of the main picture (I didn't get a good finished picture of it, shame on me), you can see it is hard to see the pattern. But you can see it now above.

I actually think the coloring and design wouldn't have been so bad if I had filled in the background first and then did the design.

Step 5: Design Time!

Time to fill in the design!

This should be pretty easy depending on the design, but now you just want to fill in. I did my designs all in one color, but this could be different for you.

When it came time to fill in the border, I started right next to what would be the center of the top. Then I went down and around and stopped with space to put one more sequins open.

Now you can attach your ribbon to hang it.
  • Cut off a piece of ribbon and fray check the ends if you would like.
  • Take two of your pins and pin down both ends of the ribbon leaving the very center open.
  • Take one pin, put on a bead and get one last sequins.
  • Put the sequins on and put the pin through the middle making sure you don't hit the other wins. Now, you can glue this last sequins down if you like, but the two extra pins should hold down the ribbon and prevent the top sequins from coming off. But, don't grab and pull it or anything.

Step 6: Hang It!

and enjoy!

Step 7: More Sequins Ornaments!

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34 Discussions


Question 9 months ago on Step 6

Hi there! Love the ornaments! Do you know approximately how many sequins you used for the ornament? I'm going to be making each of my family one (56 of them) so I'm just trying to purchase the supplies and not over buy but I still want enough so I don't have to reorder a zillion times. Thank you!

11 answers
Penolopy BulnickLindaD226

Answer 9 months ago

A very rough guess is 420 for one ornament. This would be for sequins that are about 5mm to 7mm but I would say to shoot for a bit more for imperfect sequins and to make sure you get good coverage of the ball. If you take a look at Step 4 of this Instructable, you can get a better idea of half the ball being covered and how many it takes. (I'm trying to count one I have here but I have such a hard time keeping track of where I am :P )

I'd love to see these when you are done! I bet they will be amazing :)

LindaD226Penolopy Bulnick

Reply 9 months ago

Thank you so much! I think I'm going to need more than 10,000 sequins then. :)

Penolopy BulnickLindaD226

Reply 8 months ago

How are things coming along?
I really want to start making these again, I wish I had more hours in the day :)

LindaD226Penolopy Bulnick

Reply 8 months ago

My supplies haven't come yet. I ordered everything online so I'm "patiently" waiting for the mailman to bring my goodies to me.

LindaD226Penolopy Bulnick

Reply 6 months ago

I FINALLY made one this past weekend. I'm hinking I need to change out the black for some brighter color so the initial is more prominent but I'm happy with my first one. Only 54 more to go - by the time I get the families done I should be a pro. lol

1st one.jpg
LindaD226Penolopy Bulnick

Reply 6 months ago

There is. I'm not too sure about the ribbon yet. I thought the burgandy and green would look good together for Christmas colors but the shades are a little wonky together. Then I wanted gold in it to be more Packer color. :)

Penolopy BulnickLindaD226

Reply 6 months ago

I think the burgundy looks good with the gold and gree and is very much Christmasy :) It breaks up the colors a bit more too which is nice.

Penolopy BulnickLindaD226

Reply 8 months ago

I had to wait patiently when I ordered a bunch of green sequins for the TMNT ornaments and I agree that it was "patiently" ;)

i have been making my ornaments for years & now i have 3 grandsons and I am making ornaments for them. I purchased a 48 ornament container for each one and as i make ornaments i add to their collections. i plan on giving the collection to them when they get married. I just love all the new and different ideas that are on this site.

1 reply

Oh, I plan to for next Christmas! My younger brother showed me Poke ball ones I want to do, and of course there are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I also have a ribbon and sequins one I finished for Christmas but didn't get written up and posted on time :( That will be up for next Christmas too!