Set Default Folder When Launching Microsoft Outlook 2007

Really simple Instructable.
This is how to change which folder Microsoft Outlook 2007 opens when first opening the application.

***These instructions are specifically for GMail's IMAP access, but they will work in any case.***

######F0R TH3 L33T#######
Steps for the elite or more advanced computer user:
----- Options
--------- "Other" Tab
-------------- Advanced Options
------------------ Browse

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Step 1: Open Outlook

Launch Outlook 2007. It should look something like this.

Step 2: Open "Options" Window

 To open the "Options" window, click on the menu at the top of your screen called "Tools", then click the last option in the list, called "Options".

Step 3: Switch to "Other" Tab

Next we need to switch to the "Other" tab. The tabs can be found at the top part of the "Options" window. 

Step 4: Open the "Advanced Options" Window

Now we need to open the "Advanced Options" window. This can be done by clicking the "Advanced Options" button towards the top of the "Options" window while on the "Other" tab. 

Step 5: Browse & Choose a Default Folder

Finally, we get to the right place! Click on the "Browse" button towards the top part of the "Advanced Options" window, which will show all of the Folders we can choose From.

Step 6: Final Step

Once you've selected your desired default folder from the previous step, click OK on each of the windows until you've reached the main Outlook 2007 window.

To test it out, CLOSE Outlook, wait 2 - 5 seconds and RE-LAUNCH Outlook. If it worked correctly, you will be taken to the mail folder that you chose in the previous step.

If that worked, THUMBS UP!!!! Have a fun time using Outlook 2007 with one less annoyance. =)

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    THANK YOU !!!! I do not know how I changed mine to open in Calendar, but this helped me get it back to mail. It was driving me crazy. Thank You again!!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Picking through Outlook's menus to find the option you want can take a person a while - I know people who just can't do more than basic stuff. I should hope this is useful to someone.