Seven Flowers. Awesome Pop Up Card .





Introduction: Seven Flowers. Awesome Pop Up Card .



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Why can't you use English! It looks like a chimp has got hold of your keyboard, feel sorry if you have children!

Awesome effort! I tried making one for my MOM s bday and here it is...


Can someone please help me? I reaaalllly wanna watch this video but i cant !! its not loading !! Please help.

This is AWESOME ur very creative but ur videos are way to fast!!!! keep up the grat work

I love this-I tried it and it came out Great! I didnt know paper could do that...;)

Wow really nice...I've been trying to figure out how to make a pop-up card for my son's project in're a great help...Thanks

wow it was so nic a lovely one i wish there were many more such creative ones

i agree with you completely.....this person ruins the idea by making the video so fast =/

I TRIED to make one, but 5 papers and a half an hour later, I found out that you CANT glue al the leaves, but only a few spots. Not a clear video, and she doesn't show the points were the leaves must be glued.
It would be a nice card is it was a better instructable.
And it's not because i'm not good at this, because a lot of other did work.

BEAUTIFUL and easy!!!! Thank you thank you thank you/

thank you so much for this instructable! I've made one for my English teacher last year and one more this year for my Literature teacher! :D