Sew Useful Fabric Covered Buttons (NO KITS)!!!





Introduction: Sew Useful Fabric Covered Buttons (NO KITS)!!!

Now you can use those dull metal buttons for your sewing and craft projects. Or get some thirfted buttons for this project.
All the need to have is a shank (loop on the back)and some scraps of your favorite fabric.
This is an easy and fun project that anybody can do, plus you don't even have to go to the store and buy a kit. So let's start!

Step 1: Material's List

1. Scrap of fabric (enough to cover the button that you will cover)
2. A button with a shank. (Button with a loop on the back. No holes)
3. Scisors
4. Embroidery thread (just 3 ends)
5. Fine needle
6. Ruler
7. Ball point pen

Step 2: Measure

With the ruler measure the distance between the shank and the edge of the button.

Step 3: Measure Again

With the pen and from the edge of the button, mark onto the fabric the distance that you obtained from measuring the inside of the button.

Step 4: Trace

With the button on the fabric and upside down trace around the button the circumference of the piece of fabric needed to cover the button. Put the button aside and cut the circle.

Step 5: Sew

With the needle and the embroidery thread, stitch a running stitch along the edge of the fabric circle. Make sure to leave a tail of thread long enough to make a couple knots.

Step 6: Place Button

Place the button up side down right in the middle of the stitched round piece of fabric.

Step 7: Pull Thread

Pull both ends of thread until the fabric snuggles the button.

Step 8: Make Knots

Make a couple knots making sure the fabric is tight around the shank of the button.

Step 9: View

It should look like this.

Step 10: Check Shank

There should not be any fabric or thread blocking the button's shank so you can sew your button to your projects.

Step 11: Ready to Use!

Now you are ready to use your covered buttons for any craft or sewing projects.
TIP: You can use regular buttons without the shanks too, specially for craft projects.
Have FUN!



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1 year ago


Love not having to buy a kit. Anything to save money! Thank you!

Wow great technique

Great idea to make pretty fabric covered buttons. I love this idea!

This is a good method to make beautiful buttons.

Great instructable! I was trying to figure out how to do this on my own last night but I used some craft wire to build my own shank on a regular 2 hole button. For the final button (that's going on a throw pillow) I'll be adding a little circle of felt too to give it a little extra padding and because my fabric is such a light color.

I usually don't try to do this but will try it your way.  thanks

Great project!  My dad did something similar when he was reupholstering an old sofa.  Buttons covered this way hold up better for projects that don't involve a garment that will be buttoned and unbuttoned a lot how ever. 

Sweet! I agree with the person below though, definitely needs sealant or for plastic based fabrics,you could burn the edges.

Great idea! The only suggested I might make would be to add a little seam sealant to the edgers of the fabric, so they don't fray. I like the photography, too. Nice, clear close-ups!

1 reply

I second your suggestion on the sealant... and add that a drop of sealant on the knot would be a good idea too. Overall, this is a good, easy way to make beautiful custom buttons.

It looks so easy!! It's just what I need. Thanks ;)

Gosh, wish I'd thought of this long ago. Thanks so much!

Great guide! I've always wondered how to do this, and I can't believe it's so simple. I'll be using this plenty!

Clever. I'll have to try this. I love to use funkier buttons that can be bought and it would be a good way to use nonmatching buttons, of which I have plenty.

so simple, yet I'm still impressed! I never can get the covered button kits to work. I will definitely try this!