Sew a Quick Toddler Smock!



Introduction: Sew a Quick Toddler Smock!

Download the full-sized PDF version of the pattern at here on my blog post.

Step 1: Materials and Suggested Fabrics

Thanks for joining me in the art of making clothes for your child! You'll be pleased with how quick
and easy it is to make pint-sized frocks in one afternoon. As a mother of one I started sewing and making sewing patterns for the joy of handmade arts. Please help support my dream and do
not sell copies of this pattern, or sell items made from this pattern. If you have any questions, please email me at

Happy Crafting!

Traci Hudson, My House Boutique

Materials You'll Need:

  • About half a yard of 45-inch material, or any scrap material that will accommodate the pattern

  • Two pieces of 1-inch wide ribbon, or 1/2-inch wide bias tape; 23 inches for the necktie, and 44
inches for the finishing edges.

Suggested Fabrics:
Any non-stretchy fabric will make for a great smock. Choose a cute calico or mod print with a
contrasting solid ribbon or bias tape--let your imagination explore!

Step 2: Printing and Cutting Directions:

The pattern included is suitable for sizes 12-18 months if you print at 100% on letter-sized paper
(8.5 x 11 in.). You can adjust the sizes with minimizing or maximizing the zoom--if you increase the
size, try printing the pattern on a landscape (horizontal) page setup and remember that you can
simply slide the pattern along the length of the fabric as you trace to lengthen the smock.

Also, the seam allowances are included in the pattern size. Print on a heavy weight paper, such
as card stock and simply trace the pieces for a quick and easy project!

Step 3: Fold, Trace, and Cut the Following for Your Child’s Smock:

1. Fold both sides of the fabric inwards to the middle.

2. For the front of the smock, trace along the fold and cut.

3. For the back of the smock, trace on second folded section; you want the end result to be two separate pieces.

Step 4: Sewing the Smock

Now that you have everything cut, sewing is the easy part! You'll need to do the
following to finish your toddler smock:

1. With right sides facing, stitch/ serge shoulders and sides together as in Figure A. (Seam allowance is 1/4 inch--usually the edge of your presser foot.)

2. With smock remaining inside-out, fold the raw edges of the cuffs over and stitch/ serge. (Now is your chance to experiment with one of those great decorative stitches on your machine! Don't worry if it doesn't come out perfectly--by lunch this smock will be gummed up with applesauce!)

Now that the smock is sewn together and cuffs hemmed, turn the smock right-side
out and get ready for the last steps.

3. For the pocket, cut a simple U-shape from your scraps, press raw edges under, and stitch to the right side of the front of the smock.

4. For the necktie and finishing edges, you really have three options:

a. If you are using ribbon for the finish, heat up your iron and press both the 23-inch
and 44-inch ribbons in half, lengthwise and follow step five.

b. If you are using store-bought bias tape, go directly to step five.

c. If you really want to make this smock all your own, then you can make your own bias
tape. There are a lot of great tutorials online for easy directions. Once you make your
bias tape, collect $200 dollars and go to step five.

5. With your desired finishing ribbon/ tape, fold the 44-inch ribbon in half, lengthwise. Begin pinning the midpoint of the ribbon at the middle of the front of the smock and work your way along the bottom edges, up the back openings, ending at the top outer corners of the back neckline. Starting at the middle of the smock will ensure that your ribbon is pinned tautly and evenly. Once you have the ribbon pinned, stitch and move to the final step.

6. Finishing the necktie is similar to the finishing edges. Fold the 23-inch piece lengthwise, locate the midpoint of the ribbon and front of the neckline and pin the ribbon around its length. You will wind up with one 8-inch tail on each side of the back of the neckline. Stitch the finishing ribbon from end to end.

So that's it--a perfectly-pleasing smock made during nap time and just in time for lunch!

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