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Today, I share all the necessary plans for the construction of a 10'x12' Shed.

There's a variety of different design for a shed. I hope mine will inspire you !

I also included the list of necessary materials

I did the design with Autodesk Inventor software. With this tool, it
is easy to foresee all the necessary equipment , saves costs by maximizing design with standard materials

I've enclosed drawings and final 3D within this instructable

Supplies: (Siding) (Metal roofing) (Homewrap) (Wood and door) (Windows)

Step 1: Floor Legs

I chose to use poured concrete legs. (cheap and very durable)

I used forms of 10 '' dia. But it could have been easily 8’’ dia.

Start by locating the forms on the ground. Take the support that will be the lowest as reference. Draw a level line and cut the lenght of the other forms. Follow the directions of the concrete manufacturer and pour the forms one by one ... do not forget to insert the adjustable support before the curing process !

Step 2: Floor

To support the floor, I built 2 beams (2 times 2x10 screwed together) with treated wood. These beams are installed directly in the adjustable legs. (brown in the picture)

Then, I build up the floor perimeter using 2x8'' ...

Next, complete the floor with all the joist . (Dont forget to add joist hanger at each end) see photos ... that way, your building will last square for years.

And finally, I used 3/4'' plywood sheets for the top.

(See Drawing for all required dimensions)

Step 3: Walls and Roof Structure

Since this shed was destined for me and I like to do things well, I took the time to cut each 2x4 walls at an angle at the top to marry the roof. It’s a bit longer to process I agree, but in make thing fit perfect and easy at the end.

I did in sub-assembly the 4 walls. (easy task with the Drawing) then, I assemble the 4 walls together on the floor. Finally, I mounted the roof directly in place so that everything is not too heavy. This is the kind of work that is always better to handle with two person.

Screw all the walls and roof woodboard to complete the Structure. (see Drawing) Finish by stapling a layer of homewrap around the wall. Cut the different opening (Windows and door). Seal every open joint with air barrier tape.

Step 4: Metal Roofing

I chose to make a metal roof for its durability.

Depending on where you live, there are solutions a little cheaper (naturally, less durable). Since I live in the forest, I decided to invest a little more for a metal roof. This way, the shed should last a long time!I have included in the list of materials the necessary pieces for this type of roofing.

This type of roof installs quickly. The investment is worth it in my opinion.

Step 5: Furring, Soffit

This is the last step before installing your windows, door and siding. Install furring at 16’’ C/C everywhere on the shed and make sure you have a furring around all windows, door and corners. Furing are installed to support your siding installation.

Step 6: Door, Windows and Siding

My wish was to have a black door so it was hard to find one at a cheap price … Since I saved money on windows (very cheap), I decided to buy a custom door just like I want it. I’m pretty satisfy of the result !

Another decision with big price impact it’s the siding you’ll choose. I chose to go with CanExel … It’s a prefinished siding delivers the authentic look of traditional wood with the strength of treated engineered wood at a cost-effective price. Installation is easy, and the finished result is a durable, strong and beautiful exterior. Please, follow the instruction on their website for installation.

Step 7: Finish

Last step before enjoying my shed …

Caulking everywhere around windows and door … also needed at each end of canexel board …

I installed also and exterior light as you can see on picture … et Voilà !

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    14 days ago

    Looks very neat . I don't have software to view the various files but I did not see an internal layout ? Many years ago I built a shed of exactly that dimension for two people while I built a yacht. It was the ideal size with a kitchen and cupboards down one side with fridge and a double bed built in with storage under and a desk of drawers and some shelves for clothing.

    I had a lot more timber push out windows with screens on three sides. We needed that as it was in Sydney . No snow but cold in winter and hot in summer.

    I have one suggestion I found very useful . Build in 4 galvanised half inch boat eyes and mount permanently down in the very lowest beams so a crane with a spreader bar over the roof can lift your shed . I did so and transported that old shed on the back of trucks all up the east coast of Australia without problems. Roof left on . I used polystyrene tiles on timber battens for the ceiling and lined the walls where needed with thin wallboard. Vinyl tiles on the floor. Far as I know its still housing people 40 years later.

    1 reply

    Reply 14 days ago

    Hi ! Thank you for your comment ! And I agree with you, this kind of construction can be easily move if it's well built ... With your story, I know that's possible !
    Best regards