Shelf Bed Storage





Introduction: Shelf Bed Storage

In need of a bed that will hold all of your storage needs? The Shelf Bed Storage is a great idea on a low budget that is a great alternative to a bed and a closet.

All you need is....

3 Storage Shelves

12 Cubes Supply Holders

1 Sheet of Plywood

Mattress and Bed Clothes

Things to Store!

Step 1: Get Three Shelves and Turn

The first step to having great Shelf Bed Storage is to purchase or make three shelves. I was able to purchase my shelves at a big named store. If you have a full sized bed, like the bed that is shown, then shelves that hold four "cubes" fit perfectly! Once you purchase these shelves, turn them on their side.

Step 2: Shape Into a U

Once you have all of the shelves turned on their side, then shape them into a U Pattern. You do this so that you are able to utilize all twelve storage boxes, four on each side, that the shelves would normally give you.

I also put school materials that I rarely need in the middle part of the U so that they are safely out of the way. Some of the things that you could put on the inside U of the bed would be Holiday Decorations, extra cleaning supplies, keepsakes that you don't have room to show off yet, ect. If you have anything like this that you would like to be out of the way, now would be the time to put it underneath the bed.

Step 3: Put on Plywood

After all of your shelves are in a U shape, you simply need to put on a sheet of plywood over them. The one I have shown is in a strange shape because it was re-purposed from a wood shop in town. You do not need to make the strange shape of the one shown. A simple square shaped plywood will do. I recommenced that you get at least 1/4" or 1/2" thick plywood.

Step 4: Matress

After the plywood is placed on the U shape, next comes your mattress! Like it was mentioned earlier, The mattress shown is a full and it fits perfectly!!!

Step 5: Make Your Bed! Enjoy

Once the mattress is on, all you need to do is make your bed and take a nap!

Step 6: Fill Your Storage

Once you wake up from your nap, you will be able to fill your storage bins with whatever you wish! I have mine filled with clothes, shoes, and school supplies but the possibilities are endless! The Shelf Bed Storage provides the user with a cheap and clean way to have a bed that looks like a million bucks! ENJOY!

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    46 Discussions

    I have a queen size mattress & box springs could you please send dimensions & can I use my mattress & box springs?

    Was wondering if you could get back to many of us who've asked about the queen size dimensions and also if we could use our box spring on it instead of plywood? Thanks for taking the time to get back

    Where did you get your shelves?

    Wondering what dimension would be needed for a Queen Bed.

    I see from other comments you bought the shelves at Walmart. Do you know the brand? And what thickness of plywood did you use? My kids have broken beds before, and I want to make sure it's sturdy.

    I'm wondering if anyone has has any problems with the maximum amount of weight the shelves will hold? I'm thinking about two adult people...

    Also, is there anything anyone would have done differently now that they've had it a while? Problems keeping the mattress in place?

    3 replies

    My question as well.. id hate to go through all this only to have it break underneath. Also, has anyone tried this that has memory foam mattress??

    Extra strong velcro or rug non-slip pad could be a good way to stablize mattress. Nailing shelves together so they dont seperate, or xtra long bungy ties. Thats what comes to mind.

    thank you for the suggestions! Be blessed

    I am making a bed similar to this-
    I am going to attach wheels to a sheet of Plywood & place the Plywood Under the shelves. Then I will be able to move the bed to clean or re-locate.
    The Plywood on Top- I will cut out 2 doors and inge them so that I can easily access storage in the middle. -

    1 reply

    What is the height and width of the storage shelfs for the full size?

    how many shelves and deminsion would be needed for a queen size bed

    1 reply

    For a queen bed I'm guessing 6-8 cubes length,nkt sure if they make them in 6-8 cubes long, more like you'd have to buy an extra three to four cuber and add to the existing 4-5 ,and I know sells low profile box springs if you like, versus full box sizes if you're concerned about height and weight. The ply wood would have to measured properly for a queen size. I haven't made mine yet this are just my estamations.


    Brilliant! I have a queen mattress. I wonder if it would fit? Can you divulge the name of the store where you purchased these shelves?

    3 replies

    Could you tell me the dimensions of the bookcase or the Walmart product # ?

    Was it the Better Home and Garden organizer? Hard to tell from pictures, but that's what it looks like.

    What a great idea! Moving into a studio apartment and need to maximize space. I didn't read a response to the question of how many shelves would work for a queen size bed? Did anyone try this project with that size bed? Appreciate your help and thanks again for this great idea.