Introduction: Shhh…(ut-up)

Whispering “Shhhhhh” is not the most effective way to get people to shut up. Especially in public spaces, and especially in public libraries.

So, let’s shut their mouth with a sense of guilt. This light is installed in the library. It detects noise, and as the noise increases, the luminance decreases. If you’re speaking too loud in the library, the room gets darker and darker. Eventually, everyone in the room won’t be able to read. Is that what you expected? Probably not, And because you are now unexpectedly the center of attention in this darkening room, pieced of hundreds of readers’ eyes filled with fire, your sense of guilt will skyrocket and you’ll definitely shut up. After the room becomes silent, the light will turn back on. Then, everyone can read in silence, and everyone wins :))))))))

Shopping List:

3D-building software

3D printing machine

Electret Microphone Amplifier

super bright LEDs

Step 1: Build It and Print It

Build a 3D model first.

Make sure the size of the model can fit all your Arduino

Step 2: Assemble Your Material

Step 3: Arduino


const int sampleWindow = 50; // Sample window width in mS (50 mS = 20Hz)
unsigned int sample; int brightness = 255; int led[] = {2,4,7,8,12,13}; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { unsigned long startMillis= millis(); // Start of sample window unsigned int peakToPeak = 0; // peak-to-peak level unsigned int signalMax = 0; unsigned int signalMin = 1024; // collect data for 50 mS while (millis() - startMillis < sampleWindow) { sample = analogRead(0); if (sample < 1024) // toss out spurious readings { if (sample > signalMax) { signalMax = sample; // save just the max levels } else if (sample < signalMin) { signalMin = sample; // save just the min levels } } } peakToPeak = signalMax - signalMin; // max - min = peak-peak amplitude double volts = (peakToPeak * 5.0) / 1024; // convert to volts brightness = map(volts, 0.3, 5, 255, 0); for(int i = 0; i < 6; i ++){ analogWrite(led[i], brightness); } Serial.println(volts); }



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    13 Discussions

    please help, I want a full instruction how to build this kind of project. Thank you!

    3 replies

    I've already put all the steps up there, how can I help you specificly?

    The 'Assemble' part. I can't see how did you do the connection of those stuffs.

    The connection of wires to the breadboard and into the arduino. Thank you :D

    Clever! Saw a similar concept in the critical care section of a hospital, where a series of red lights got brighter if staff were talking too loud in the hall.

    3 replies

    Thanks for the comment!! Could you please also give me the link of the hospital light?

    Thank you!

    I need one of these for my house sometimes! XD

    1 reply

    Haha, glad you like it! Really appreciate it!!

    Please help, I want a full instruction of this project on how to build it and the all materials needed. Thank you so much! :)