Shield and Star Christmas Ornament

Introduction: Shield and Star Christmas Ornament

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My entry for the Whitehouse's 3D Printed Ornament Design Please vote for my model if you think it looks neat. Inspired by art from the video game Bioshock Infinite which is in turn inspired by Columbia, the personification of the United States. Print shield and star or shield_large and star_large if you want a slightly larger version of the model. Push the star into the slot on the shield when both parts are finished.

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    This looks great! I like the Bioshock Infinite style you drew from. It looks like a really nice tight fit between parts too.

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    Thank you :)

    I wanted to have something which came off as old Americana and bioshock infinite fulfilled that perfectly.

    I gave the star a . 25mm offset and it popped in no problem when I made it on my printer. No wiggle, none of those shenanigans.