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Here’s a quick, but super-handsome method to wrap a bottle for a man.

Caution: Don’t use one of HIS shirts for this one, or your gift may be received in a less-than-welcome fashion.

Step 1: Supplies

You’ll need:

  • One long-sleeved dress shirt (makes two bottle-wraps!)
  • Rubber band or needle and thread (see notes on step 4)
  • 1-1/2" wide ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Spray starch

Step 2: Iron Sleeve

Iron the shirt sleeves and cuffs, use a little bit of spray starch to really make the finished product look perfect.

Step 3: Measure Sleeve

Place shirt on table, lay bottle on sleeve, with the top of the bottle about 1” below the edge of the cuff. Measure about 4” below the bottle’s bottom, and cut sleeve off.

Step 4: Turn Sleeve

Turn the sleeve inside out, secure the bottom with a rubber band. Place bottle inside the sleeve to verify you have the right length.

Slide rubber band close to the bottom of the bottle, as shown.

Once you’re satisfied with the height of the sleeve, remove bottle and cut away excess fabric.

If you want a more permanent wrapper, you can stitch the bottom closed, instead of using rubber band. Also, if you’re giving a bottle of wine or champagne, the punt at the bottom (that’s the dent in the base) will accommodate the gathered fabric. If you’re giving a flat-bottomed bottle, you’ll have to sew the fabric, to minimize the ‘bump’ on the underside.

Turn sleeve right-side out, and insert bottle.

Step 5: Tie the Bow

Add tie-ribbon to bottle. It’s pretty easy, find out how to tie it here:

Or if you're making a bow tie, tie a square bow.

Trim the ends of your "tie," adjust tie and “collar,” trim ribbon-tie if necessary, and present your gift.

Step 6: Finishing Thoughts

This wrap works beautifully for a wine bottle, but equally good with a nice bottle of scotch, fancy flavored vinegar, even aftershave!

COOL TIP: Reserve remaining shirt fabric, cut into squares, and make into sachets for him. Fill with lavender (great for repelling insects, not too girly-smelling). Other unisex scents include peppermint, citrus and cinnamon.

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3 years ago

I Love this! Shirts can be bought for a buck or 2 at 2nd hand stores. Great details plus additional ideas! Thank you!

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Reply 3 years ago

Yes yes! (That's where I got my shirts.) Thank you!!