Shoe Stand Table


Introduction: Shoe Stand Table

About: I am an Storage Engineer that caught the woodworking bug!

This project inspired by a project that I saw on YouTube on Chris Salomone (FourEyes Woodworking and Design) Channel.

For this project I purchased two sheets of Baltic Birch and 16 board foot of Sapele lumber.

Step 1:

1. Next I cut and partially assembled the top drawer assembly to test fit.

2. Completed the glue up and make the drawers using the Festool Domino system.

3. Chamfered all edges of the drawers and drawer box.

4. Made the frame to hold the drawer box and shelves.



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    This shoe stand table is amazing! The craftsmanship and artistry of it all is outstanding. You are truly a professional!

    Hey, this looks really nice. Great looking piece, thanks for sharing! :)

    1 reply

    I love the idea of the cubbyholes! Looks like a fast and easy project.

    1 reply