Introduction: ShoeDry

ShoeDry is made to dry shoes.

WARNING: This instructable uses a hair dryer for a prolonged period of time. This contraption should be supervised at all times while operating, and the hairdryer owner should be warned and prepared for any failures that might result from this overused appliance.

Items Used:

  • Hairdryer
  • Chainsaw bag
  • Holy sock


  • Make sure you forewarn/ask the owner first.
  • A pillow case is probably more accessible
  • Only a holy sock can be used for this, rope, twine, paracord, wire are all unsuitable.

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Step 1: Preparing the Chainsaw Bag/ Pillowcase

Cut a hole in the chainsaw bag just wide enough to let the hairdryer nozzle though.

Step 2: Preparing the Chainsaw Bag/ Pillowcase

Put the hairdryer nozzle through the hole and attach the attachment from the inside of the tube. This should help keep the chainsaw bag and hairdryer assembled.

Step 3: Preparing the Chainsaw Bag/ Pillowcase

Tie the holy sock around the hairdryer and chainsaw bag / pillowcase assembly, good and tight, so as not to let any of that hot air through.

Step 4: Put the Boots in the Bag

Put the boots in the bag / pillowcase, and zip / tie it up!

It is probably best to leave a little hole in the top of the bag / cut a little hole at the top of the pillowcase to prevent excessive strain on the hairdryer.

Step 5: Afterthought

This instructable will hopefully stop the plague of wetfoot which would otherwise only get worse in the next few months.

Please, please, please! Use a holy sock for this, as opposed to other tying utensils, as it hasn't got many other uses and it is well suited for all that hot air!

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