Shoebox Aircondtioner

Introduction: Shoebox Aircondtioner

So, is a hoot summer day ?Dont worry,make a airconditioner and will be better.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

aluminium foil
shoe box
some glue
plastic foil(optional)

Electric set-up
cooler(a big one)
Ac adaptor(9V)

Step 2: Izolation

Izolate the box with plastic foil.(glue it to the box)

Step 3: Izolation Part 2

Cut the aluminium foil in 4 pieces.

Step 4: Izolation Part 3

glue all the pieces to the plastic foil.

Step 5: The Pipe

Cut a pipe and make a nice sistem.The  air will come out of the pipe.

Step 6: The Electrical System

You dont need a soldering iron.Just wire up the cooler to the switch and then wire up the switch to the AC  adapter.But be careful with the + and - on the AC adpter.

Step 7: Almost Done

Cut a  square in te carvoard box and mount the cooler to the box.

Step 8: The Big Finish

That's it.

Do not put the ice directly to the aluminium foil.Put it in a container and then put it in de air conditioner.

If  you have any questions .... wright a comment.


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    i don;t wear shoes. i wear snow shoes, though. i guess i have a box somewhere after all.