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How can you customize your sneakers?
You can paint your sneakers and after that hand sewing a beauty silk ribbon in the collar sneakers.
First, you wash the shoes, this will clean and remove residue fabric shoes.
After the clean is done, you can paint the sneakers.

Customize the sneakers it's very easy and very creactive.
You can draw and paint many types of patterns, for example I draw the moon and stars.
I use a cardboard to made the models and this help me to draw and to paint the patterns.
You can create many patterns with cardboard recycling.

If you are tired of yours sneakers, now you have a new idea to change it all.

Down you have the list of the material you need:

1 pair of shoes (Your favorite color)

1 Acrylic paint (Your favorite color)

1 Cardboard to draw the moon and stars

1 Brush

30 cm  Silk ribbon (Your favorite color)

I wish you have a very happy day! :)

Hasta luego! ;)

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