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Introduction: Shop Aprons

My daughter and I have a Woodshop.

It's very Cute.

We needed aprons.

Cute Ones.

Step 1: The Basic Shape

We took measurements of our girths.

I then drew a quick sketch as a guide for her to cut out the skirt and bib for her apron.

She drew her own version based on that, started measuring and cutting.

Step 2: Artistic License

She wanted a contrast between the skirt and bib so that she could add thematic shapes that would pop.

The skirt is made from leather and the bib is a double layer of brown twill.(2 layers, right sides tog. stitched, clipped seams/corners, turned out and pressed)

The pocket is made from the twill and hammer is cut from two shades of brown leather.

She placed everything the way she wanted it and I stitched everything on/together.

We used a soft piece of leather strap, leftover from a handbag, for the neck strap. Sized it with the apron placed against her, and just stitched both ends on for easy on/off.

The belt was made from webbing, sized and fitted with buckles for a no-fuss closure.

Step 3: What Wilma Would Wear

As I looked at my leather pieces, I decided I wanted to keep their natural shapes, so I made my apron to look Flintstone-like. Maybe something that Wilma and Betty would wear while they used their pedal-powered router to fashion some to-die-for earrings.

So I just let the large leather pieces be my guide, stitching and piecing, adding contrast for Art.

I cut out some misshapen but functional pockets.

For my waist ties I used some thin, red leather straps. I really like the color and have so much of it, so it made sense to incorporate it into the apron.

Step 4: The Finished Aprons! Mine.....

Step 5: .... and Hers!

They are very cute, functional and flattering, everything a girl could want in a Woodshop Apron.
This is an easy project and could be done with glue if you don't have a machine capable of stitching leather.

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    5 years ago

    They're so cute, love the flintstones one, great idea!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks so much! Your table saw jig video is great!!


    5 years ago

    very cute!