Shrink Plastic Jewelry

Introduction: Shrink Plastic Jewelry

In this project I was playing with shrink plastic and may I say it was so much fun!! Of course it’s the most fun when you actually watch the stuff to shrink :-)

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Step 1: What You'll Need and How To

I have used the following materials:

White shrink plastic sheet (Polyshrink)

Shape cutters (from Fiskars) and scissors

Permanent marker pens

A heat gun (got mine years ago from Amazon)

Single hole punch


And to finish the jewellery:

Jump rings

Ear hooks/ posts

Waxed cotton cord/ chain

All purpose glue

Key chain and also the back pin for badges

Ring blanks

Chain nose and round nose pliers

How to:

Its so easy:
Cut some shapes out from the shrink plastic sheet, draw pictures on them with the marker pen, punch holes in your designs (for the jump rings later), shrink by using heat gun-this will take a few seconds depending on size, make sure you keep the heat gun moving and use the tweezers to hold your design in place as it's well hot! Once they shrink, flatten them with something with a flat and smooth surface-just press it down while still hot. Let it cool down and then finish into jewellery or accessories using the findings and glue! And that's all I've done - just kept it simple :-)

Step 2: Finished!

Have fun making your own designs!


Btw, I also run a channel on Youtube, where you can find this tutorial. You can go to the next step to watch the video. If you like what I do, feel free to subscribe and follow me on social media ;-) Simply click on the links below:

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Step 3: Watch Video

Watch the full tutorial here :)

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