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small side table very easy to make

Step 1: Materials

two 8 x 23 x 3/4 inch wood. Pine in this case.

two 8 x 8 x 3/4 inch base and top.

wood glue, Small nails, saw,sanding paper,drill,drill bits, router,

Step 2:

Cut the wood 7 inches to 1 inch as seem in picture. do the same to both pieces.

take one piece and stand it up rite. so the one inch side is on the top.

get the other piece and flip it so the mall side 1 inch is on the botom. Glue this two pieces together

and repeat .....

Step 3:

you will end up with two pices looking the same. get the 8 x 8 piece of wood and glue the vertical pieces to it .

get the other 8x8 piece and glue it to the top.

Round the edges of all if you like.

Step 4:

sand it and stained it and you are done.



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    2 Discussions

    Alex in NZ

    15 days ago

    Really nice little side table. Thank you for sharing the idea and the making :-)

    1 reply
    stevenarangoAlex in NZ

    Reply 15 days ago

    thank you... i needed a place to keep my drink while watching TV