Sifteo Cubes

Intro: Sifteo Cubes

SIFTEO Cubes are an award winning interactive gaming platform that respond to your gestures and sense each other. Sifteo got its big break back in 2009 with a TED talk that has received over 1.3 million views. To date, the company has raised $13.5 million in venture financing and launched the second generation of the product last fall. We sat down with Sifteo’s Co-Founder David Merrill to discuss the company’s journey from the MIT Media Lab back in 2006 to today. -Sifteo

After 3DR bought Sifteo, the shut down the webservers, and without the webservers the cubes are useless. This instructable will show you how you can use the cubes without the webservers and get all the games for free.

Step 1: Download the Software

You have to look up which version you have.

This is rather easy: if you have a basestation, it is V2. If you have an USB-dongle, it is V1.

Now download the software you need here.

In order to get the blocks working, you need to download "Installer" and "All the V1/2 games released (and PC registry hack for SiftRunner)"

Now installl Siftrunner (for V1) or SifteoSync (for V2). After you installed it, you can run it but it won't work.

Step 2: Edit the Registry

Extract the sifteoAppsv1/ which you have downloaded in the last step and go in the SifteoAppsV1/2 folder. There you should see Siftrunner.reg/SifteoSync.reg

Open the .reg file with the editor of your choice (i use Notepad ++)

Now you need to press win+R and type "regedit"

open HKEY_USERS and there should be a large number. now you have to copy that number and go to your editor and open "find and replace". you have to replace the large number after HKEY_USERS with the number you have copied.

Now you can save the .reg file and execute it.

Step 3: Replace User Folder

In the Zip-file you downloaded is a folder named "User". you have to replace this folder with

V1: "C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Sifteo\Siftrunner\User"

V2: "C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Sifteo\Sync\User"

You can get to the Appdata folder by pressing win+r and type "%appdata%".

Step 4: Run

Now you should be able to execute SifteoSync/Siftrunner and enjoy your new toy.

A Huge Thanks to Doctormikereddy who published all these files on his site:



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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    On my site, mentioned above, there are also instructions for Mac software, as well as links to download required software and files. I also offer an email support service for those who get stuck. All for free, although people can make donations :-)

    Sifteo cubes (both versions) can still be acquired relatively cheaply on eBay, if you're lucky. Don't pay scalper prices!

    Please note, I didn't give prior permission for this instructable :-( but do want Sifteos not to die in obscurity. Any publicity is good, they say!



    Reply 1 year ago

    look, in switzerland the price for the cubes is arround 1500$. I have bought a set and was disappointed to see, they don't work anymore. I have found a solution and want to share it with other people who also have bought the cubes and can't use them. As you can see, it isn't easy to fix this and i don't think every normal buyer could fix this on his own. I just want to help. I can assure you, i'm not getting paid or anything... i mean the company doesn't even exist anymore.