Simple 2WD Robot Chassis




A small CNC machine is useful when you want to make something mechanical parts by yourself for your robot or other structures.

Recently, I have got a small one for myself and use it to make a simple 2WD Robot Chassis quickly.


Step 1: Materials

Firstly I have got a PVC board for the main part. Then I need two DC motors and wheels.

I bought all of these materials through the internet. They don't cost much.

Step 2: Make the Frame

Use the CNC machine to make the frame.

Step 3: Install DC Motor Brackets

Install DC motor brackets on the frame.

Step 4: Install DC Motors on the Brackets

Step 5: Install Caster Wheel on the Frame

Install  caster wheel on the frame.

Step 6: Add Wheels to DC Motors

Step 7: Done!

Next I will make a driver for this robot and use arduino to drive it.



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