Simple 3 Button On-off With 12f629 (mikroC)




Introduction: Simple 3 Button On-off With 12f629 (mikroC)

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a simple 3 buttons on-off with pic12f629.

it's written with MikroC

Step 1: The Code...

start the code with ''int''

int x0,x1,y0,y1,z0,z1; ////// with this the GPIO outputs could stay on or off

void main() {

GPIO = 0x00; ////// all outputs are 0

CMCON = 0x07; ////// Disable CMCON PORT

TRISIO = 0b00111000; ////// inputs-outputs setup, 0=output 1=input (3 outputs/3 inputs)

x0=1;x1=0; ////// when the PIC starts x0=1,x1=0

y0=1;y1=0; ////// when the PIC starts y0=1,y1=0

z0=1;z1=0; ////// when the PIC starts z0=1,z1=0


Step 2: ...button As Latching Relay

while (1)


if ((GPIO.GP5==0)&&(x0==1)) ////// if the GPIO.GP5 grounded (pressed button) and the same time x0=1 (from the

begining of program, you see this at the previous step)

This will happen


x0=0; ////// the x0=1 it will be 0

x1=1; ////// the x1=0 it will be 1

GPIO.GP0=1; ////// turn the led on ( the - of the led is connected to the Ground and the + at GP0, pin 7 ) . delay_ms(600);


if ((GPIO.GP5==0)&&(x1==1)) ////// if the GPIO.GP5 grounded again and x1=1(from previous pressed button)

This will happen


x1=0; ////// x1=1 go back to 0

x0=1; ////// x0=0 go back to 1

GPIO.GP0=0; ////// now the led is off and the program wait for ((GPIO.GP5==0)&&(x0==1)) to turn on again .




This is for the one button and led. You have two more. See the .txt file.

Step 3: Connection Diagram

you can use this at many projects as Latching Relay..

turn on and off circuits or devices with relay or not.

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    Question 9 months ago

    Hi, load hex file in ic but toggle not working only one led is blinking


    1 year ago

    Hi! What Programmer do you use?