Simple Arduino Tone Melody

Introduction: Simple Arduino Tone Melody

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Simple Arduino Tone Melody is a way of beginning with Arduino projects because you are only going to upload the code from Arduino software directly without having to writing nothing.

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Step 1: Bill of Materials

What you will need:

1 Arduino Uno

1 Speaker of 8 Ohm

2-4" Copper wire #22

1 Soldering Station

1 Solder roll

1 USB-A to USB-B male cable

Step 2: Preparing the Speaker

For preparing the speaker, you only have to solder the 2-4" cooper wires to the speaker's terminals.

Step 3: Completing the Project

For completing the project, you only have to connect the wires that you left free from the speaker to Arduino GND & pin 8 respectively. Remember that you only have to run Arduino so that you can click on file-examples-Digital-ToneMelody and you will already be enjoying of your project.

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    3 years ago

    The best way of beginning to use Arduino environment.