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Introduction: Simple Baby Jumpsuit

About: 22 yo women from Finland.

This is guide to make your own simple baby jumpsuit!

You need: fabrics (I used stretch cotton), ribbing fabric, zipper, needles.

I tried to keep this guide simple as possible, so anyone could make this.

This jumpsuit is good for a baby who use 74-86cm clothes.

Step 1: Patterns

First print the patterns. This jumpsuit patterns are size 74-80cm. You can print the patterns on regular A4 paper, tape them together and then cut them.

Step 2: Cut and Sew

After patterns, you have to cut fabrics. You need 2 x body pieces. After cutting, needle pieces together. Remember leave places for sleeves, neckline and legs open. Sew the peaces together.

Step 3: Zipper

Turn around your jumpsuit. Measure a zipper of your desired length and cut the slip on the top fabric. Double-fold the fabric edges and pin into the zipper. Zipper under and fabric over.

Place zipper with needles. At this point, you see if you need to edit zipper or fabric.

(If you are using open zipper, remember to make stoppers. The stopper is a piece of fabric that is about zipper wide. Fold the fabric in half and put on the zipper. Attach the needle and sew by stitching.)

After needling both sides, start sew from up to down. Now you got a zipper!

Step 4: Sleeves and Hood

Alright, time to cut sleeve and hood pieces. You need 2 x sleeve peaces and 4 x hood pieces.

Fold the sleeves in half and sew the edges together. After this, take ribbing fabric. A suitable length for the ribbing fabric is 75% of the sleeve circumference. The ribbing can be as high as you want, but remember, you have to fold it in half when you sew it on. Ribbing fabric belongs to the narrow end of the sleeve.

Turn jumpsuit right side up. Fold the rib line. Put sleeve and rib edges together and needle (picture 5). Stretch rib at the same time while you are needling it up, so it goes around sleeve. Remember to leave sleeve open.

Sew pieces together. After this, sew rib together (picture 7) so the seam goes back side. Repeat this to sleeves and legs.

Step 5: Sew Sleeves

It´s time to sew sleeves to the body part!

Put pieces together like in first picture. Right sides together. Needle and sew half of the sleeve on. Open zipper and turn working side open, like in 6th pic, so that the sleeve is inside the body part. Sew around. Do the same thing to another sleeve.

Step 6: Hood

You should have 4 hood pieces. 2 pieces are for hood´s lining, and those can be different fabric.

Start sewing hood pieces together. Remember to leave room for head and neck. After doing this, it´s time to sew hood and lining together. Place right sides against each others (pic 4). Sew it together, still leaving bottom open. Now you have situation as picture 5. Put lining fabric inside original fabric ( picture 6.)

Needle hood to your jumpsuit, edges together, right sides against each other. (pic 7 and 8) Sew hood to your jumpsuit.

Finish your work and cut off the threads.

Now you have your own jumpsuit!

If you have any questions about the steps I'll be happy to help.

I would love to see the results, if you manage to make one yourself.

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    2 years ago

    nice instructable! And really well drawn patterns

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    This looks really nice. Keep the kid warm and look nice at the same time.