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Introduction: Simple Bike U-Lock Holder

This is my first instructable so bear with me! 

I recently bought a Motobecane Super Mirage to replace a Grand Touring that was stolen from me and found that, unlike my previous bike, it has no space available to hold my Kryptonite U-Lock and cable.  After a little googling with no satisfactory DIYs found, I decided to build my own lock holder. 

Why not use the one Kryptonite sells you ask?  Because they are absolute garbage, thats why.  I had one and it broke after the first few potholes, not to mention the shear force required to remove the lock from the clamp!

The best part about this holder, unlike some other ways, is that its compatible with locks that have either side mounted keyholes or top mounted.

This instructable took me about 15 min to complete, is super simple and cost about $5 for the clamps, which might be cheaper depending on where you go.
(I already had the other tools around the apt.)

Electrical tape
Flat head screwdriver
Utility Knife
(2) 7/32"-5/8" Hose Clamps*
(2) 13/16"-1 1/2" Hose Clamps*

*The size of the clamps will vary depending on the make and size of your lock and on the width of the cross tube on your bike.  Although the bigger clamps have some size to them so they should fit most.

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Step 1: Wrap the Tape

Figure out where you want to hang the lock and put a couple wraps of tape where the first of the two prongs will sit to protect the crossbar from scratches.  Use the scissors to make a clean cut.  Once the first one is set, use the second lock prong to figure out where the second wrap will go.

Be extra careful to make sure the clamps will fall in the middle of the tape when installed.  If you have brake lines or shifter lines running the length of this tube, make sure you tape under them or the clamps and/or tape will screw with the shifting and/or braking.  The same applies when installing the clamps.

Step 2: Install Clamps

Using the screwdriver, unscrew the bigger 13/16"-1 1/2" clamps and thread them through the smaller 7/32"-5/8" clamps.

Then, tighten the larger clamps around your crossbar where you previously wrapped the tape.  I found that the best way to avoid snagging the excess metal from the bigger hose clamp on your pants is to install the screw pointing towards the ground.  It's a little awkward to tighten it this way, but better in the end.  Also make sure the 2 smaller clamps are in-line with each other.

Step 3: Thread the Prongs

It helps to do the bent prong first and then insert the second.

The bent prong originally had black rubber all the way up to the bend which inhibited the prong from going all the way through the clamp so I had to cut around the rubber with the utility knife and peel it off.  Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture of this part but be CAREFUL when doing so!!

Lock the top and you're golden!

Step 4: Possible Additional Step

I also have a cable that I use to lock my front wheel with and depending on the lock and length of the prongs you can weave the cable through them.

As you can see from the second photo, the holder has a minimal front profile and won't get in the way of pedaling if you install it correctly.

The clamps also prevent the lock from swaying too much.  There may be some, but nothing noticeable.

Hope this helps!

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6 Discussions


2 years ago

I may try this but definitely begging for a 3D printer solution.


3 years ago

Great DIY! If you want to purchase something instead check out the HULDIT on ! It is another way to hold a U-lock. I'm a 22 year old entrepreneur trying to promote my product, please don't think this is spam!

DSC_1183 (1).jpg

7 years ago on Introduction

Thank you once more! After I used this great lockholder for several years, I can confirm that the clamps break eventually.

Based on your design I modelled a 3D-object that can be printed on 3D printers.

I hope that plastic will be more durable and less harmful to my bikes' and locks' surface.

You can find (and download) my efforts here:


9 years ago on Introduction

Awesome, glad it helped! The only problem I've had since is that during the winter the clamps got so cold that they became brittle and cracked. I noticed it before anything went haywire so no problems but keep your eye on it. If you can think of any improvements let me know!


9 years ago on Introduction

Awesome idea!

Did it with my masterlock aswell (the plastic holder it was shipped with is crap, really), seems to work fine!

i like this one. thanks for posting. the plastic bracket that came with my masterlock was a joke.