Simple But Powerful Rechargeable PowerBank

Introduction: Simple But Powerful Rechargeable PowerBank

It's My First Instructable I wish that you all support me . PowerBank is very useful Gadget Today I am going to make simple and powerful PowerBank with some simple components

let's make it.

what we need for PowerBank

1. 4x lithium Ii-ion Batteries
2. 2x Tp4056 li-ion Charge Controller
3. 1x lm7805 Power Regulator
4. 2x25v 1000uf capacitor
5. 1x Diode 4007

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Step 1: Batteries Stack

Solder two Batteries Positive terminal to positive and negative termination to terminal in parallel and same with other two Batteries that increase mAh of powerbank

Step 2: Combine Stack of Batteries

solder that pairs of batteries with negative to positive and left another negative and positive

Step 3: Connecting Charge Controller

Now connect Tp4056 with both stack positive and negative so on

Step 4: 7805 Regulator

Now make 7805 circuit and connect with battery stack with on off switch

Step 5: Testing

Check the output with Multimeter if not getting desired result check the all steps carefully

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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago


    you can add as many parallel packs to that BMS Protection Circuit PCB, it only shows you how to connect the BMS wiring in the middle of the series battery pack,,

    Please be very careful using this battery pack if you have not got a Series BMS Protection circuit and also individual Lipo Protection Circuits like this oneso you can protect each lipo battery - as an additional layer of protection


    Also if this is 8.4v output voltage, you may need a balance charger like the cheap and effective 2S or 3S chargers like this


    2 years ago

    so if this is a 2P2S battery pack,, you will need a protection circuit, the TP4056 charging IC is really great as it stops charging once 4.25v is reached but it is HIGHLY advisable to also use a BMS Protection circuit like this:


    So that the charging is balanced for each series cell/parallel-pack


    Also 2 great websites for battery pack creation is;

    1. Battery University

    2. Lipo Wiring Webpage (Lipo Battery Packs)

    2 photo's illustrating the 2P2S battery pack;

    2P2S Battery Pack - with Balance wiring.png2P2S Battery Pack - without Balance wiring.png

    2 years ago

    Congratulations with your First Instructable !!

    Welcome to the awesome world of sharing designs and idea's with the world :))


    Just a word of caution if you are soldering Lithium batteries in SERIES - you need a balance controller (BMS)


    If i have read your instructable correctly,, you have 2 batteries in parallel, and another 2 batteries in parallel.

    Then you have put the two parallel stacks in series, so your end battery pack is referred-to as a 2P2S battery pack;

    2P - 2 Parallel

    2S - 2 Series,

    This photo will show better what i think you have done;

    So is your end voltage of this battery pack 8.4v ? (assuming the batteries are at full charge approx 4.2v each stack of 2 parallel's,, then 2 parallel stacks in series to give 4.2v x 2 = 8.4v)


    3 years ago

    Great simple fix :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Very thanks for your comment it's so valuable for me ?