Simple Coffee Table

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Very simple coffee table that I made from metal pipe and pine planks. Countertop brushed and covered with tinted wood oil. The surface of the table is smooth because of use of glass.

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Step 1: At First Check My Video at My Russian Girl`s Workshop Youtube Channel.

Look at the video above to see how we built this table or follow the instructions below.

The table has size: 950x570x450(h) mm.

Here is a list of the items needed for the build.

Materials need:

- 4 boards 145x45x950 mm

- metal pipe 15x15 mm (2 items by 4000mm)

- Furniture bolts (16 items)

- Oil for wood

- glass sized 950x570 mm

Step 2: To Cut Metal Tube

I use a saw for cutting metal.

Then I weld the parts, polish them, cover them with a primer and paint it in black with acrylic paint.

And make holes for furniture bolts.

Step 3: Wood

Brush the wood and colored it with oil (oak color).

Step 4: Attach

Connected them together. We used furniture bolts.

Step 5: Glass

Put the glass on top

Step 6: Enjoy

I hope you going to do the same table )))

See you!

And do not forget to visit my channel:

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    1 year ago

    This is beautiful! Why did you "brush the wood" in the 3rd step? What did it do to your wood?

    2 replies

    Do you know about wood scaling?

    This method allows you to remove soft fibers and leave only hard wood fibers, it opens the picture and shows the whole beauty of the tree.