Simple Garden Sprinkler Out of Inground Popup Sprinklers




About: Good day! Im currently a college student studying Construction Engineering. I love building things and trying to make something out of nothing! Lets build something.

Well I was looking at the high prices of garden sprinklers at a local Lowes one day last week, when suddenly I thought "Wait a minute they sell inground popup sprinklers here (like for inground lawn sprinkler systems)". Well this is a short simple instructable for how to build a garden/lawn sprinkler with a PVC stand.

Note:I am not a writer nor a very good documentor, so if this needs some work please let me know, I have read dozens of instructables but never have been able to write my own, I just dont have the knack for it.
I am mostly writing this because I could not find another one like it on instructables, so count this as a springboard.

Step 1: Purchasing Materials

Materials consist of mainly PVC and a pop up spray head type sprinkler.

1 Rain Bird 2 1/2in Pop-Up Spray Head (whatever coverage area you want IE 90, 180 or 360)
4 3/4in 90's
2 3/4in Tee's
1 3/4in X
1 3/4 to 1/2in reducer (one half is what is on the bottom of my sprinkler head)
1 3/4 Slip x thread coupling
1 Package of hose washers (to keep it from leaking)
1 10foot stick of 3/4in pipe
A tape measure(optional)
PVC Pipe cutters
Pencil (optional)
PVC Glue

Personally I bought all of my materials at Lowes because I was there and they had all of the materials I need. (Nothing against Home Depot, LOL)

Step 2: Sizing and Cutting

First you are gonna want to do a mock up of the parts, to make sure they are all the same size and they are all going to fit togeather,

Two 10in pieces
Four Five inch pieces
Two 4 1/4in pieces
Two 1in pieces

Size Up:
Assemble all of the parts to make sure they fit , then get the glue ready!!
Note: Glue outside, because of the horrid fumes

Step 3: Glue!!!!!

Now is the time to glue, well its pretty straight foward
Prime both pieces, then apply glue to both, insert male piece into female piece, then compress and twist (at the same time)
Now wait a good thirty minutes before using it, just to be on the safe side

Step 4: Paint (Optional)

This step is completley cosmetic,
Personally I used black spray paint, because that is what I had on hand......

TADAH! Hoo ray, now you are ready to attach to your sprinkler to your garden hose.

But Wait!- If it dosent fit or leaks at the hose connection, move on to the next step, but if it dosent, Well you are fortunate!! Because mine leaked and I had to improvise.

Step 5:

Well, I assume you are on this step because your sprinkler leaked. Dont be discouraged! There is a simple fix.
1ft scrap 3/8in hose
1-Zinc Female 3/8in hose connecter
1-PVC 3/8 Male Hose connecter

Assemble the pieces, then tighten the male end into the sprinkler and attach the female end to your hose and pray for no leakes!!

Troubleshoot from here and Enjoy the feeling of building your very own Cheap sprinkler!



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8 years ago on Introduction

Great Idea, much better than the 'spike' type sprinklers which just fall over. You might consider a virtical length of pipe to raise the sprinkler head a foot or so if you're watering vegetables, to keep the spray out of the greenery. If, like me, your daytime temperatures are at 90 to 110 (30+C) with UV levels constently over 8, painting it black might not be such a good idea!


8 years ago on Introduction

This is a great idea! I saw it and immediately recognized this as a solution for a difficult part of my yard. I plan to use 3 sprinkler heads on PVC stands similar to your design, and gang them together to water a narrow stretch of lawn on the side of the driveway. Instructable to follow.
3 replies

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Thanks! I I was going to do this with something like that with these to water my front yard. Good Luck!


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

I just finished mine, and put up my first Instructable to document it here.  Thanks for the inspiration.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Your Welcome, always to help. It looks good, I might use something like that for my flower beds that snake across the edges of my lawn. Bwp1


8 years ago on Introduction

 Sweet idea.  Simple design that works. I like it.
Thanks for posting your project.


8 years ago on Introduction

This is awesome.  So cheap for such a awesome sprinkler.

Nice Instructable. I might do this. How much did all the parts cost to make this. Also In the first picture you annotated that you painted the sprinkler all white, don't you mean all back as is seen in the other pictures/

1 reply

I think it cost about ten dollars, oh let me change that, I actually built two and I painted the first white and the second black, the first pic is of the first one and the black pics are the pics of the second one I built Thanks!