How to Make a Rabbit Snare




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Intro: How to Make a Rabbit Snare

A simple and basic snare that anyone can make, takes 5 minutes and requires nothing more then a hatchet, some wire, and a little bit of wild!

Step 1: Making Your Snare

To make your snare you'll need wire. (I'm using 50 lb picture wire from Walmart but most any wire will work) Cut your wire at about 2'6" ft and make a small loop in one end and twist it around itself to hold it in place. Next thread the other end through the hole and head outside!

Step 2: Making Your Stake

To set it up your gonna need to find a stick about in inch in diameter and use your hatchet to cut it at around 1 ft (When your doing this part your gonna want to rub your hands and the wire in some dirt to cut back on your scent) After that cut 2 notches close to the top of your stake and wrap the end of the wire that was threaded through the loop around those notches to secure it in place.

Step 3: Setting It Up

Find a rabbit run that looks like it's used pretty often, then drive your stake in the ground just off to the side of the run using the back of your hatchet (You may want to sharpen the end of your stake to make this easier) When your doing this make sure not to disturb the run too much. Using some small sticks prop up the wire part of the snare approximately 5 inches high in the middle of the run making sure that your snare loop is about 6 inches in diameter. Check your snare about 2 times a day in the morning and at night. Of course the more snares you have greatly increases the chance of you catching something. Happy hunting!



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    1 year ago

    This looks amazing! Nice work! Plus, I work at Walmart so I can get a discount on the wire lol

    2 replies
    Nate Barry

    2 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestion! This way is quick and takes less time to make, and it's also easier to place a lot of these snares where you want them. I also don't have a ton of experience with the whiplash and didn't want to make an instructable on something I'm not used to.


    2 years ago

    Ok cards on the table, I understand the survival side of why you snare,but this method is not good as it prolongs the animals pain(this is from personal experience) I suggest you would be better off using the whiplash method using a spring bough to break the animals neck instead of slowly choking it.