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Hi All,

I have a car with roof rails and wanted cross bars and a bike carrier. I priced them new and nearly passed out when I saw the 130 Euro price tag.

So I thought, surely I can make a set mush cheaper.

I looked through Instructables and saw the the type of rack I needed by nmheppenstall

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Step 1: Bars and Fittings

I got 2 lengths (1.2 meters each) of 40mm x 40mm metal tray in a local electrical wholesale. To fix the bars I got 4 U bolts and wing nuts. These U bolts are exhaust bolts I got in a local motor factors.

To attach the forks to the bars I got an old front wheel from a cycle shop and cut the spokes off. I took out the hub and removed the axel and bearings. I got a 10mm bolt with 2 lock nuts and washers.

The fork mount is attached to the bars by a single jubilee clip.

Step 2: Attaching the Bars & Bike

The bars are very secure when attached with the U bolts.

The fork mount is very secure and there was no movement on the test drive.

On the back bar I got a rectangular plate and bolted it on, this made it easy to secure the back wheel.

I got black duct tape and put it on the bars and U bolt, this gave the fittings more bite to hold the bars, and gave it a sleek look.

As you can see the bike fits perfectly with no movement on the test drive.

The cost is as follows.

Metal Tray 20 euros

All fittings 16 euros


I hope this helps anyone looking for a bike carrying solution


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    4 years ago on Step 2

    One word Ken, Fantastic!

    Thx for sharing.