Simple Scrolling Credits Sequence

Introduction: Simple Scrolling Credits Sequence

Today I will be showing you, my fellow instructables user, How to create a simple and easy credits sequence for any animations you may have made
(This following instrutable was made for my animation class but can be used anywhere else)

Things we will need:
-Adobe Premier (Pro or not)
-Any image software (Paint, Illustrator, Gimp)
-A list of names/things to be listed off in said credits (Could be made in notepad or any other such program)

I have included a video on what the end result "Should" look like
but it's up to you how to design it

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Step 1: Creating the List of Names We Need

The list to be created can be as simple or as complicated as you need it to be
As well as how long and or short depending on your helpers

All you have to do is list off: 
-The names of anyone who has helped you create this animation
-Their job in helping (Animator, Director, etc)
-The order in which they will appear and disappear

As you can see this example list is probably one of the simpler ones you will need

Step 2: Creating the Name Files

Now that you have the names of each helper, their jobs, as well as a general
you can now begin to separate the names in order to make each one a unique file

Take each name into illustrator in order to create the files
Once the name is typed out select it 
Then right click and select "Create outline"
The selected name will now have each letter as an individual element that can be stretched transformed, etc, etc

Repeat this step for each name and title from the previous list

Step 3: Importing Everything and Getting Started

Once you have the names all outlined and finished you can begin importing them
Once all the files have been imported into the project files you may want to save so we do not have to repeat this step
As that is all finished you may begin adding the files into the video tracks
Now you can begin adding them into the video try to vary the times on each one so they do not all clog the screen

Step 4: Beginning the Animation

Now that you have each name on a separate layer we can begin the animation aspect
But first you may want to zoom in the timeline so the credits are not a minute or longer in length
Usually around 30 second or longer/short is about the acceptable length
So once we have one name on the preview screen to try find the spot where you wish for it to begin and end
Such as left to right, up to down, diagonals can also be done i'll go over there in a later step
For now we'll try the basic bottom to top method
Try to get the words just barely off screen once they are there record their positioning from the "Motion" key frames
For example the location here is  642.5, 817.0 this location ensures the entire name is off screen
Now we can begin the motion movement click "toggle animation" to set the first key frame
Then find a time at which the name will disappear somewhere between 10-15 seconds later
Then simply move the picture of the outlined name to where it should disappear at the top
A second key frame will automatically be made for it
At this point the animation for it is finished
You can copy and paste each and everyone of the key frames into the rest of the names/titles
All you have to do it press play and test out how well they go from one end to another as well as how close each one is

Step 5: Varying Version of the Base Animation

To change this animation into something unique is quite easy
First you can clean up all but one track for the name
All we have to do it modify the key frames to choose where it will appear and disappear or even pause if need be
To add a pause you have to have 2 key frames of different times with the location being the exact same this will cause a pause in the animation before it continues to move off screen
You can combine any method of these such as: start from right (Pause) move up to top to remove or any variation on it
Hope this helps


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