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Hey guys. I've made a simple snare to catch small game such as rabbits, and since I'm in Australia, it's also good for wombats and possums if its put up in trees. I have just used some utility cord which is easy to come by but you can also use hunting wire or para cord. The only other thing you need to find a game trail, which I find hard to see here, so I usually just string it over rabbit and wombat burrows. Just tell me if I've done something wrong and just comment cause I'm still new to instructables.

Step 1:

Find a game trail or something of the like, such as a rabbit hole. First, get your utility cord and make a small loop on the end and tie a not as shown in the picture.

Step 2:

You will find that one end will be able to slip in and out. Make it the loop small and tie leftover string around the string that moves. From there, just pull the end of the rope through the loop.

Step 3:

Find a stick and put it in the ground were you wish to set the trap. Tie the end string tightly to the stick and drive it into the ground.

Step 4:

Make the loop about the size of the of the prey and lay it on the ground. Prop it up slightly on a twig so that when the rabbit for instance walk to it, it's head will hopefully go into the hole and constrict. If your doing the trap over a hole, lay the loop from the top over the hole, and the sick on the top of the hole

Step 5: Finish

You have just completed your simple snare. I suggest that you rub mud and dirt into all your rope before use as it helps mask the smell and sight of the rope. Sorry for the dark pictures but it was getting late. Thanks for reading!



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    8 weeks ago

    There is no length of how much paracord you need for it so no would know how much to use


    3 years ago

    I have caught a small rabbit around the throat and leg before. It did nearly escape because it was small but i came to check it in time. If you want to avoid it chewing its way out, you can use stronger paracord or thin wire too. Most will work but you can buy specific wire from many hunting shops.

    1 reply

    I highly doubt it, foothold snares are a joke! The animal gets there foot stuck, but then they can just chew there way out. I never works!