Simple Sound Booth Setup

Here is the final product. Yes it is that simple, it's just hanging a blanket up in order help deaden sound and prevent sound bouncing off walls. I came up with this setup while researching how to sound proof a room. I soon realized I did not have the money to buy soundproofing foam for my walls or the means to replace my drywall with insulation and soundproofing glue. While searching through youtube and various forums, someone suggested just hanging up a blanket on the wall. But that sounded kinda ghetto so I figured out a way to make my "Sound booth" easy to set up and easy to take down. I only set it up when I'm recording or I'm late night gaming, and I did this in order to gain some privacy since everyone on the second floor of my house could hear me. This is my solution, it doesn't completely get rid of the noise but it significantly reduces the sound coming in and out of the area around my pc. I also have curtains over my door to help with the volume in my room, but enough chit chat. Here are the steps I took to make my little booth!

Step 1: Materials

  1. A drill
  2. 2 clamps (1" or 2")
  3. Knife/Blade
  4. 2 Clips (red ones in the picture)
  5. A pack of hooks (White ones to match my ceiling, they come in 2s)
  6. A blanket

It's important to note that you need hooks that will be able to carry at least 10lbs or else you risk having them fall out while hooked to the blanket and clamps.

Step 2: Drilling Clamp Hole

I cut an X and started cutting out the area the drill will be drilling. I also used the 2nd clamp to hold the other while drilling the hole. It will take some time and using the right drill bit matters. I can't stress that enough! You are drilling steel and I didn't have any big drill bits so I had to just burrow out a big hole with my biggest bit. Just take your time and be careful, the drill needs a little hole to sit in or else it'll run all over the clamp. Just do this to both clamps until there's a hole big enough for your "clip" that will be attached to the clamp and the ceiling hook.

Step 3: Ceiling Hooks

Once the clamps are ready, all that's left is drilling 2 holes for the hooks. The pack of hooks I got, came with anchors so I made two holes and inserted the anchors into them. I then hand rotated the hooks into the anchors. They are fairly sturdy and can hold a surprising amount of weight.

Step 4: Final Result!

Now you can easily hang a blanket for your little sound booth! Obviously you can add some more blankets and hooks to completely surround yourself but this is all I needed. It's easy to put up and take down in a snap, and the best part about this project is that it is not permanent and you can put the setup away anywhere! Everyone should have a blanket so you can just put all the materials away in the closet or in a drawer. If you end up not liking it at some point you just take down the blanket, take out the hooks, and Spackle the holes and it's as if it was never there. Hopefully you enjoyed my little project and I hope you like your little booth if you make one. Can't wait to see yours!



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    2 years ago

    Looks like a heavy blanket! I bet it works well.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yeah it's pretty heavy and comfy too! Got it from Costco :)