Make a Spartan Helmet

This instructables is based off of Will's work from, or
Check out his site and see more boss instructions!

Step 1: Template

I attached 3 easy pieces. Print out all of them, and cut them out. Cut two of the 1st one, the one that resembles the helmet most.
Sry, but no pic for this step, you'll kind of have to make sense of what you've got!

Step 2: Add a Balloon Dome

Pretty straight foreword, blow up a balloon inside the circular helmet, and tape it down

Step 3: Paper Mache! Yay!

This picture shows the helmet after three coats of paper mache. I applied one thick coat and let it dry overnight, I applied a second coat and once again let it dry overnight. I finally applied a third coat and let it dry. I recommend you do four coats if you want it to be durable.

You will notice, particularly with the first coat of paper mache that the shape of the helmet will distort a bit. You can use this to your advantage and get the shape of the helmet to look really good. The long curving sections at the bottom of the helmet are a good example of this.

Step 4: Finishing/painting

The only thing left, once it dries, is to paint it. I used cans of spray paint black and gold. I painted the whole thing in gold then spattered black for highlighting.  For this, you could use acrylics, then use black to distress.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    how do i mix the paper mache and why dont you use pie filling and soy paste compound for the part with the wood?!!!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    good job. i always like using paper towel instead of newspaper on balloons cuz it doesnt pop up weird everywhere :)


    5 years ago on Step 1

    Something went screwey with the steps, I'll take this down ASAP


    5 years ago

    Sorry i cant follow u or favorite it for some reason at the moment but i will