Simple Star Wars Keychain

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Hi, I would like to share simple instructable how to design Star Wars logo using AutoCAD and 3D print it.

What we will need:

  • AutoCAD (or other SW capable of importing new fonts)
  • Star Wars font (I use specifically "Star Jedi Rounded" from this site)
  • 3D printer :)

Step 1: Designing the Logo

  • First step is to make sure you have installed the "Star Jedi" Rounded font
  • Open CAD create two separate texts "STAR" and "WARS", change size to 12mm (or bigger/smaller, it is up to you)
  • Now you need to transform text into curves. Select the text and type "txtexp".
  • Align the "S" in STAR and "W" in wars and stretch the "R" in STAR so it is aligned with the "S" in WARS.
  • Create two circles (for key)
  • Extrude everything (2-3mm)
  • Subtract the smaller cylinder from the "S", "W" and the bigger cylinder
  • Export your result into *.slt

Step 2: Print It Out

That's it. Now you just have to print it out. I recommend printing it face down for smoother result but you can also use some sand paper afterwards. Print it as many time as you can, give it away all of your friend so Star Wars fan base is spreading!

May the force be with you all!



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