Simple VOIP Headset

Introduction: Simple VOIP Headset

Have you ever been playing a game online, or shouting into the little microphone in your laptop, wishing others could hear you?
Looking in shops for a decent headset can leave you disheartened at the steep prices you can come across.

But, if you have a pair of nice headphones, and a small wired microphone and 5 minutes free, we have the solution!

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Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need only 4 essential things.

1. Headphones.
2. Small microphone.
3. Electrical tape.
4. Scissors.

If you have heat-shrink tubing and a heat gun or lighter, you can use these rather than the tape.

Step 2: Deciding Where to Position the Microphone

We will need to find a place on the headphones to mount the microphone.
My microphone came with a small clip to attack it to your shirt, and I chose to clip it onto the right side of the headphones, on the cable.

If your microphone has a ball and socket joint which is loose, you can place a small square of tape over the hole, and then press the ball into it.
The tape will stick inside the socket and keep the ball held nice and snug.

Step 3: Tidying Up the Cords

So far, we have the microphone nicely mounted on the headphones, but the cords are a bit of a mess...

To remedy this, we will use electrical tape to hold the cords together neatly.
I spaced my tape about 2 inches apart so I didn't have to use a lot of tape.
Use a good quality tape, as some of the cheaper tapes can leave a sticky residue after a while.

If you have heat-shrink tubing, you will have to take apart the microphone and headphones, then de-solder the wires so you can fit the tubing over the wires.
You might be able to fit the tubing over the jacks if you have a single cord on your headphones and the jacks aren't too big.

For the back of the microphone where the cord was coming out a bit far, I simply removed the clip from the headphone cord, tucked the wire in to the clip, and re-attached it to the headphones.

Step 4: Try It Out!

Check all the cords to make sure they are untangled, plug into your computer or laptop, and try them out!

They should be fine for gaming, Skype calls, LAN communication and just about anything!
Enjoy your new headset, and leave a comment if you have any questions, or if you have any suggestions on how we could improve this idea!

Please feel free to vote for me in the Audio Hacks monthly challenge :D
Thank you for viewing my instructable!

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