Simple and (Very) Affordable Laptop Stand




Saw some laptop stands here, and figured I'd try my own.

I owe most of my idea to Chris99

At the office store and hardware store I picked up just one item each, for a grand total of $6.85...including tax. No special equipment or technical skill needed.

Step 1: Materials

All you need for this project:

1. Metal/Mesh Document Tray - easily found at an office store. Many different kinds are available....I prefer Metal wire as (in my opinion) it seem sturdier than mesh. The (finer) mesh would bend quite a bit upon pressure. Size of the tray also depends on the laptop you plan to use. Each of the ones I saw were ample in height...but varied in Length and Width from 6" x 9" to Letter size to Legal Size.

2. Vinyl Foam Backed weather strip - {OPTIONAL} - found at almost any hardware store. It is a thin foam strip with adhesive on it. I only use this to put on the edges/feet of the document holder for two simple reasons. I didn't want to wire edges to scratch the desk or rip the bedsheet...and the Foam keeps the document tray in place.

3. Scissors.

That's all.

Step 2: The Document Tray

Simply take your document tray and put it upside down. If you are not worried about the metal scratching or tearing are done. Carefully place your laptop on the over-turned tray and you are good to go.

You'll notice that there are four rubber feet on the stand....which will be on the top when the document tray is upside-down. I kept the rubber feet in place...but you can remove them if you wish.

Step 3: Protection

Again, this is optional - I simply cut and peeled the foam on the bottom edges of Document Tray. I then firmly squeezed the foam when finished.

Step 4: Finished

That's it.

Put the laptop on the overturned tray and you are good to go. It is sturdy enough for has some bend in it...but very little. It is also balanced. I was afraid the laptop would fall back with the screen up...but it is weighted evenly enough.




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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    thanks so much! my laptop would shutdown because it would over heat,NOT ANYMORE!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice Job. I use something similar. I found a cooling rack from the kitchen works very well.


    10 years ago on Step 4

    A+ for simplicity and originality!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    putting a large cooler fan below it might cool it down even more


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! Very simple. Chris99's was awesome, this one is great too.
    Nice job!