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Introduction: Simple Greeting Card N° 1

About: Hi, I'm Ellen, 24, living in Belgium and ever since I was little, I have enjoyed making greeting cards. If you have any questions regarding making greeting cards, feel free to contact me. Happy crafting! ...

This instructable shows you how to make a nice greeting card by using basic card making techniques.

You'll need
- a pattern for punching holes (see next step for more info)
- a thick needle or special pen
- a punching mat or something similar
- an emboss pen
- a metal template
- some decorative stickers, pens, glitter glue, ...

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Step 1: Punch Holes in the (four) Corners of the Card

First, you'll need a card. You can use a piece of thick paper which you've folded in half or you can use the kind which is already folded for you.

Next, you'll need a template to see where you have to punch your holes. I used a metal template, but since it's quite expensive for a simple piece of metal with holes in it, there's a cheap way to get it too. Just search the web for these kinds of templates and print out an image. Then put the image on top of your card en punch the holes that way.

Make sure you punch the holes from the inside of the card to the outsite. You can use a special pen for this, or just a simple thick needle.

I used a special mat for the punching, but I guess a towel or something similar could work as well.

Step 2: Emboss an Image in the Middle

To emboss you'll need a special emboss pen and a metal emboss template.

You can use ether a special box for embossing (a simple box with light coming from under a glass surface) or use the technique I used by simply placing the template and the paper against the window. Make sure the template is under the paper and the front side of te paper is turned towards the template and the window.

Then gently follow the lines of the template with the pen creating a slight bevel in your paper.

Step 3: Add Glitters and Stickers for the Finishing Touch

Because embossing and punching holes doesn't add any color to your card, you can put a bit colored glitter glue on top of the embossed image.

When using glitter glue, you can apply a layer of glue which is a milimeter thick. When the glue is dry, you'll only see the glitters and the glue will have completely flattened out.

I added a sticker to fill up the space, add some color and make it into a greeting card.
("Hartelijk gefeliciteerd" is Dutch for "Congratulations".)

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