Single Strand Star Knot




The tutorial is based on instructions found in the "Harrison Book of Knots". I corrected one incorrect drawing and show how to finish the knot. The knot is a series of cow hitches tied in sequence. They are all tied in the same manner around either the starting dowel or around one or two strands.

a. Up, over

b. Down, under

c. Across right to left, over

d. Up, under

e. Down, over, under

Each cow hitch adds one point to them star. Closing the knot adds two points to the star.

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Step 1:

Leaving a short tail on the right tie cow itch around dowel. Steps a - e

Step 2:

Make a small bight tie second cow hitch around hitch just tied. Steps a - e

Step 3:

Bring tail over to the left and ...

Step 4:

Make another small bight. Bring Working End up through bight of step 2 and tie cow hitch,

Step 5:

Bring Working End up through bight of last step and tie another cow hitch,

Step 6:

Remove dowel and bring working end from left tom right through loops just vacated by dowel and .....

Step 7:

up through bight

Step 8:

Tie cow hitch around two strands as shown. The working end goes under three strands and exits through center of knot

Step 9:

Bring working end through the two loops as shown

Step 10:

And through the bight. note the two strands just below the working end

Step 11:

Bring Working End around these two strands. In photo this is shown at 9 o'clock. Note the 2 small loops at o'clock.

Step 12:

Working End goes through these loops

Step 13:

and up under two strands

Step 14:

and down under three strands exiting at center of star

Step 15:

bring tail through knot between the two points adjacent to the working end

Step 16:

tighten knot

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    2 Discussions


    1 year ago

    I added a photo that will help clarify the procedure. Thanks for the suggestion


    1 year ago on Step 2

    Is there any chance to get a photo of step "1.5"? There's a lot of difference from step 1 to step 2. Otherwise - nice work.