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Introduction: Skateboard Camera Slider / Dolly

About: ''Não está acabado até que eu vença!'' -Autor desconhecido.

Low money, high creativity and a need of a camera slider made me do this experience..

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Step 1: What We Will Need

This board i've bought just for this experience to make a slider that I can move more than the short distances that the normal sliders usually allow (and with a lower cost). We will also need a 3/8" screw, some nuts and washers and one tripod ballhead with a 3/8" hole.

Step 2: Marking and Positioning

That is the easy part. I've just measured everything and found the center of the board to perform a little drilling job. After the marks where done I needed to see if if was right in te center. If it's ok, let's drill and screw..

Step 3: Drill and Screw

With the appropriate drill bit I've done a center hole and screwewd the 3/8" screw with one washer under the board and one above under one nut. Tighten up and we're done!

Step 4: Everything in Place

Jus put your camera over the ballhead and let's make some shots! It's very important to always check if the surface where your skate will pass is completelly plain with no bumps, holes or little rocks. If possible keep with you some pvc surface that you can fold and put over the ground so the shots get really smooth..

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