Skateboard Recycling Wall Clock DIY


Materials & tools:

at least one old skateboard, jigsaw or bandsaw, sandpaper, hairdryer, driller, permanent marker, tape, triangle ruler, pencil, pricker,12 short screws, clockwork, 3 long screws, screwdriver,

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Step 1: First Steps...

Draw a head, 12 bones & 2 crosses on an old skateboard deck. Saw all part out with a bandsaw a jigsaw or else. Now smooth all edges with sandpaper.

Step 2: The Head.

Mark the hole for the clockwork and drill a small hole in it. Now drill a hole in the right size for the clockwork. Mask the underside with tape and mark the hours fro m 12 to 12. Mark the holes for the hour hands with a pricker.

Step 3: It Comes Together

Drill small holes for the screws in the hour hands. Now srew the hour hands to the head. Place the clockwork and mark the backside. Mark 3 spot on the backside and prick holes in it. Drill screws in the holes to have a bit space to your wall.

Step 4: Finish

Place the clockwork and fix it. Now fix the hour, the minute & the secondhand. Attach the clock to a wall with a wire loop on a nail. Look at my other work.

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    Penolopy BulnickFoodforDude

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    That's awesome! If you decide to share any of them here, save them for a couple weeks, we have a Skateboarding Contest coming up soon!