Skeleton Horse Halloween Display





Introduction: Skeleton Horse Halloween Display

A static halloween display made out of PVC pipe, 3/4 trim board and spray foam.

Step 1: Skeleton Horse

After deciding on the size and pose of the horse, I cut all the flat pieces for the pelvis, shoulder blades and backbone out of PVC trim board.

Step 2:

I used various sizes of PVC pipe for all the leg pieces. Each bone was heated with a heat gun in order to bend and Shape them. The legs all have a PVC pipe in the center for stability with larger pipes placed on it. The ribs are PVC pipe cut length wise into four pieces.

Step 3:

The ends of each pipe was filled and shaped with PVC board and spray foam. Then the joins where wrapped with resin casting tape.

Step 4:

I carved the skull and vertebrae out of extruded styrofoam and glued them on a PVC pipe.

Step 5:

Then the whole thing was painted and the legs and ribs where screwed back on for the finished horse.

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    Wow! Really creative use of materials. Looks great.


    1 year ago

    Amazing! How much much did it cost to create the horse aside from your time? Great job for sure!

    1 reply

    I used a lot of old PVC pipe I already had but if I were to guess, I would say $65 to $75 dollars. The PVC trim board was the most expensive at around $35 followed by the foam and PVC pipe. The resin tape was purchased on clearance. The best part is I had enough left over to make the Zombie Wolf.

    Amazing job! This is so cool! :)

    Excellent work, thanks for sharing and welcome to Instructables :)

    This looks amazing! You did a great job :)