Ski Bow




Introduction: Ski Bow

i searched for a plan to build bows out of skis, but i only could find find examples made of cross coutry skis. so i decided to build one my own way.

i forgot to make step-by-step pictures.
so this instructional is just to inspire you building your own bow :)

Step 1: Needs

i've needed two old skis, plywood, woodglue, hex nuts, threaded rods, a golfball, paracord, woodstain and wood wax.
the tools i've used were a drill, a metal saw, a belt sander, a handed angle grinder with serrated discs, a planing machine and clamps.

Step 2: Bow Pictures

Step 3: How To

i'm to lazy to write down how to build this bow :D
you'll understand this construction autididactic by looking at the pictures above.

ski poles are potential arrows, but they won't fly as well as real arrows.

i hope i could inspire you to build your own bow out of old ski.

have a nice day !



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    2 years ago

    Hi, your bow is very cool. And arrow made with ski pole are perfect for Yeti hunting. lol. Seriously I'll be very interested to know the dimensions of the riser and how you mad it. Greetings. Laurent

    1 reply

    hello, sorry for my late answer.
    please explain raiser for me. i don't know that word.
    if you mean the angle where the ski connects to the wood handle, it will depend on the lenght and flexibility of the ski. longer ski need a lesser angle than shorter ones.
    if the ski is easy in bending there is maby no need for an angle and so one can just adapt the ski straight to the handle.
    i hope i could help

    I love the clever use of the golf ball halves!

    If you ever felt inclined to add some more description to your steps to explain the build process and various materials used, that would be awesome. But the photos are great and tell most of the story. Thanks for sharing this :)

    2 replies

    i answered the wrong comment :D
    thank you for your feedback. next time i'll make a real instructable.


    We're glad you're here and willing to share your projects. I look forward to seeing whatever you make next!

    Yes, please, more instruction. Looks great.

    1 reply

    thank you for the feedback :) i'll describe my next instructionals better than this one.

    thank you, but the bow looks much heavier than it actually is :)