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Introduction: Sliding Wood Crate Storage

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In this Instructable I'll show you how to make Sliding Wood Crate Storage. It's a perfect addition to any small or narrow closet to gain some extra space. And you don't need many tools to make it either!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Tools



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Step 2: Strengthen the Crates

I started by strengthening the crates. I pried the bottom slats away then put glue on them for added strength. I put an extra brad nail in each slat to help it stat put and dry.

Next i cut 2 18" pieces from a 1x4 for each crate. I screwed them to the top and bottom of the right sides of the crate with 1-5/8" screws.

Step 3: Paint the Crates (optional)

I painted the crates to give the closet some color. This trigger handle is an awesome addition to make spray cans perform better.

Step 4: Install Mounting Cleats

I cut 2 39-1/2" cleats from a 1x4 and mounted them in the closet.

I mounted the back one right in the corner with 2-1/2" screws. The front cleat went 18-1/2" from the back wall (to the front of cleat) and I attached it with wall anchors since I couldn't hit a stud.

Step 5: Mount Slides to Crates

I cut a space that was 6" by 18-1/2" and used it to mark the location for the slides on the crates. I drew a line on the top of the bottom of the spacer which gave me exactly parallel and spaced mounting lines.

I separated the slides and installed the extension piece on the crates using the lines to center the slides.

Step 6: Mount Slides to Wall

Using the same spacer I marked the position for the drawer slides on the cleats. This means the slides will be lined up exactly with the crate-side slide parts when I install them.

I spaced the second and third set of slides 6" below the slide above it.

Step 7: Install the Wood Crates

With all the slides mounted now I simply slide the crates into the mating slides on the wall.

I loaded them up and installed some labels on them for organization. It's worked out great and each crate can hold at least 20lbs. I did a weight test in the video if you'd like to see it here:

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    28 Discussions

    I love this idea for laundry room and cannot wait to implement!!! Thanks!

    Good Instructable, interesting idea & "Nice Work."

    Not at all sure why the 'crate' style was chosen - aesthetics, probably. However, the side against the wall, as it is not visible might serve better (as would the bottom) were it a solid piece of plywood. Less work, too build as well.

    One could cut a set of notched in the ends of the solid panels used (on the visible/exposed ends) to retain the 'crate' appearance.

    Indeed, the supports on the wall could be made from a sheet of plywood as well. This would provide additional fastening positions for both the support and the drawer slides. Adding quarter round trim to the exposed edges of the support board and painting it to match the closet wall would be a nice touch as well.

    This looks like a great way to put storage in the closet in my sewing room! I think I'd use heavier-duty slides, though, to make sure the weight of the crate and contents is supported. Thanks for the great idea, and the template for the slides!

    May I just add my round of "D'oh, it's obvious. Why did I not think of that?"

    The two-slides-on-one-side idea is brilliant. I now need to remember the trick until I find a place to use it.

    Also, your installation looks both practical and elegant :-)

    I do home renovations and this is such a common problem, the solution to use two drawer slides on the side seems obvious after the fact, but i had never considered it. one of the great things about instructables is the simple solutions to complex issues that everyone else, other than me, seems to come up with. thanks this is definitely added to my bag of tricks, but i will make the crates out of 7/16 plywood and some bracing so it can withstand kitchen actions for a while, yours look heavy enough for your purpose, but mine are likely to get filled up with canned goods in small pantries.

    1 reply

    I like these slider crates a lot. Never thought about using both sliders on the same side. Nifty idea !!

    1 reply

    I thought that since all the weight is coming onto the slides and that too lopsided onto one side, it won't be able to take much weight. But then in the end of the video you put the weights inside and solved my query. Nice build!

    3 replies

    I thought the same thing. I bet that if you were to put the heavier objects closer to the sliders it would be able to hold more too.

    absolutely! the further the weight from the slides the more stress it will put on them.

    Nice, I may have to borrow that idea some day.

    The only thing I might have done differently was use longer than 1-5/8" screws to attach the cleats to the sides of the crates for a stronger joint there as that would be the weak point for weight failure (I think :) and probably longer screws to secure the drawer slides as well.

    1 reply

    longer screws never hurt anything. though I think these will be fine for my specific application.

    So have to try this. Gives a nice solition to small rooms as well for dresser type applications.

    1 reply

    Very nice looking and practical solution. Like so many good ideas, putting both slides on the one side seems obvious once you see it but it had honestly never occurred to me before!

    Great instructable and definitely one I'll be squirrelling away for future reference.

    1 reply



    1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing! I love seeing stuff that makes me say "Why didn't I
    think of that". Also, very nicely documented Instructable!