Small Clay Mera Mera No Mi (One Piece)

Introduction: Small Clay Mera Mera No Mi (One Piece)

Mera Mera no mi is the flare flare fruit, allowing the eater to control fire. The anime it's from is One Piece. Enjoy!(don't eat)

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Yellow clay, green clay, and orange clay. You also might need clay crafting materials.

Step 2: The Body of the Fruit.

Roll the yellow clay into a ball. Wrap the yellow clay with orange clay, but save a lot of orange clay.

Step 3: Petals and Finishing.

Add the outer decorations of the fruit. I used a pinch of clay and refined it from there. Then add a green stem. Bake the finished figure.

Step 4: Done

I hoped you enjoyed this Instructable. I'm pretty new to this website, so be sure to say any suggestions in the comments.

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