Small Foldable Chair




Introduction: Small Foldable Chair

I saw a similar chair to this in Japan but I didn't buy it. I eventually made something like it so i can carry it around with me wherever I go. This chair is about 14in or 35.5cm long and fits well in my backpack. The cloth pretty much stops the frame from opening too much so make sure your materials is strong and durable as you will be sitting on it.

This is pretty convenient if you have a young kid who gets tired fast and always asks for you to carry him/her.



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    5 Discussions

    Dude this is awsome i was looking exactly for something like this to make and even better it fits in a backpack!

    Good work hope youmake more usefull things!

    that is awesome! better than the ones at canaidian tire....

    I saw this and thought scale it up and you have a hammock stand. It's early sunday morning. What can i say!