Smallest Flash Light on Instructables.


Introduction: Smallest Flash Light on Instructables.

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I keep seeing claims of "smallest" flash light, so I thought I'd try and make my own, it took about an hour.

Step 1: How Small Really?

The LED is from an old cell phone key board, It would easily fit in a sugar cube, if I wanted to go smaller I guess I could use some hearing aid batteries but this was just stuff on hand.

Step 2: Cut the LED Free

I trimmed the led from the board with a band saw, then used wire cutters to cut off the unneeded circuit board. Then I soldered some thin wire from a solenoid Be sure to clean the coating off and pre-solder the wire end to make sure you'll get a good connection

Step 3: Solder the Cells

Solder the top and bottom terminals and place the two cells in a bit of heat shrink tubing Come on every kid over 4 has made their own light it just isn't that hard I will say trying to solder connections smaller than a pin head is quite a test of patience. The cells were from a talking greeting card. Now you're done have fun it's brighter than you would think maybe your parts phone will have white light LEDs



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    I like that you salvage surface mount components, which is a major pain in the arse. as far as being careful soldering onto a live battery. Looking at your body of work I don't see that as a concern, look$ like you know very well what you are doing!

    Hearing aid batteries will not work I tried to use the smallest ones I could find and the did not produce enough current to light even the cell phone led
    Don't waste yer cash on them

    It's about half as bright as a 2.5 mm led, I have some green surface mount ones from a blanking assembly but they are next to impossible to solder
    They are light green with a lens I may try one more time to separate one from the board.

    Never solder a battery cell, it could explode if overheated, in any case you damage it You can buy batteries with pins if you need to solder wires to them, or use a battery holder.

    That's really cool, but how bright is it?