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It is always difficult to attend an incoming call while you are cruising on you bike.So here is a really easy hack to attend important phone calls during a ride by just clicking a button on your helmet and at the same time always keeping your eyes on the road.Using this hack you can easily attend any phone call no matter where the phone without having to stop your motorcycle and wasting time.You can also hear songs while you are on the move.If you are using GPS,you can hear the directions and instructions loud and clear with this hack.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. A full face helmet

2. Any bluetooth audio reciever module with built in battery and mic

3. A 3 mm audio male pin

4. Some thin flat wires

5.Any old headphone

6. A custom made clamp for your particular bluetooth audio reciever

Step 2: Remove the Head Support From the Head Phone

Step 3: Solder the 3mm Earphone Pin to the Other End of the Wires and Seal It With M-Seal

Step 4:

Attach a clamp to the the mouth cover panel and take the wire with the pin through a drilled hole in the panel.Connect the pin to the bluetooth reciever and fix it to the clamp.

Step 5: Attach the Panel Back to the Helmet

Step 6: Attaching Speakers to the Helmet

The speakers are attached to the helmet using double sided tape.Every helmet has an area without foam around the ear region.The speakers are lowered to that area so that it fits perfectly and stays in place.

Step 7: Testing

Wear the helmet and see if it fits perfectly around the ears .If not , adjust the speaker until it does.The bluetooth reciever is turned on using the button on it .The same button can be used for accepting incoming calls and changing the music track.

Step 8: Charging

The reciever should be easily removable from the clamp for charging



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    10 Discussions

    Maggie Shah

    1 year ago

    It violates the traffic rules. The Bluetooth adapter which you used has no built-in microphone though its clear it can only play music nevertheless. Isolation of ears and modifications of any helmet in this way, oppose the safety standards.

    1 reply

    Offcourse it has a mic in it , you can clearly see the opening for the mic in the picture of the module I have posted in materials required list in the instructible, you can even see the word "mic" written under that opening if you look closely.Here is the link , you can check it out if you don't believe me

    As for violating traffic rules, there are plenty of these kinds of helmets already awailable in the market , the expensive ones with intercom,GPS, Bluetooth and all, here is the link to some of them


    1 year ago

    This is awesome...! i'm gonna add this to my helmet!

    Well, here there is zero modifications to the structure or colour of the helmet, none of the padding or other important features were removed or modified.
    There are expensive helmets in the market with built in wireless intercom and audio system
    In my country I have see people making calls while riding ,holding their phone in between their shoulder and ears and that too without a helmet.This solves that problem;)

    Uhh, I'm pretty sure you had to cut the padding to put the speaker! A headphone with a mic you can pin or tape would be the best bet for his country.

    here ,i removed the speaker just to show you the opening, now take a long hard look, does it look like i made that opening? huh , does it?, are you still saying that the helmet didnt a have a opening there already?.I have no reason to lie here, if i had cut the padding i have no problem saying it in public.Most helmets have a V shapped padding which is removable for washing purposes,so i found a headphone speaker which fits into that V, now if you think i lied about the V shaped padding take a look in this link


    1 year ago

    Contagem dee encanto la verda esta buenisimo gracias


    1 year ago

    It is safe? Your chin will damage If you fall over.

    1 reply
    patrick panikulamvktomi

    Reply 1 year ago

    There is always some 2 inch gap between the chin and the helmet.The other thing is the module's height is lower than the helmet's flip switch which is the red button u see in the picture, as long as it's lower than that it's safe