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Introduction: Smart Home Using Arduino and Android

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Smart home or so-called smart home is a house or building is equipped with high technology that allows a wide range of systems and devices in your home can communicate with each other. Features of the smart home include automation and security, in which there are functions of remote monitoring (based IOT).

Smart Home are now made using arduino integrated with android smartphone via bluetooth.
android application used to monitor home. This Smart Home still in a prototype, but it can be implemented on the real home or building.

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Step 1: What Do You Need?

What do you need are:

  1. Arduino UNO R3
  2. PIR Sensor 2pcs
  3. Reed Switch 1pcs
  4. Standard Servo 1pcs
  5. Jumper Cable (male to male, female to female, and male to female)
  6. Breadboard
  7. Resistor 110 and 220 ohm
  8. Real Time Clock (RTC) DS3231
  9. Bluetooth Module HC-06
  10. 20x4 LCD+I2C backpack
  11. LED (3 colors)
  12. Buzzer 1x
  13. Power Supply, using Powerbank 8000 mAh
  14. Android smartphone to install “security status” app to monitor home remotely.

Step 2: Connection

The components that already exist, then connected in order to be integrated each other. This connection is made in Fritzing software. The following is the diagram in picture.

Step 3: Program

Program in Arduino is made using Arduino IDE. The following is a small part of program. If you want full source code you can send message to my email on

Step 4: How It Works?

This Smart Home works with integrating hardware and Security Status app, as shown on picture.

  1. When the system is activated via app, then the system will standby to wait the status change.
  2. If someone had opened the front door or entering the room, then the Arduino will accept change of security status, then the status is sent to the user’s phone number via SMS.
  3. In addition, the status is sent to the application via Bluetooth so that users can monitor security at home as well perform actions on the system to close doors or turn on / off the alarm.
  4. After user received the security status, then the application will make automatic calls to the call center.

Step 5: Application for Smartphone Android

Application for android smartphone is made using MIT App Inventor 2. The application named “Security Status”. The following is screenshots and video of application.

Step 6: Addtional

this is a library and others what you need to create this project Find it on Github.

For more project and information check this out :

Facebook and Wawan Nugraha




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