Smart Room




The Smart Room project is a connected room where the plugs can be easily enable or disable through the Internet. A smartphone application is available so you can change the status of the plugs with your mobile phone.

This project has been created in 6 days (April 2016) during FabSchool VIII in FabLab Polytech, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Our team is:

1. Elina Rouseti (the author of the idea)

2. Jeżyna Domańska (programming engineer)

3. Fabian Justi (programming engineer)

4. Olmo Rayon

5. Sofia Lineva (designer)

6. Erica Berghman (archiver)

7. Maria Zubkova (manager)

8. Alena Karpova

Tools and materials

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Plywood
  • LED strip
  • Plexiglass (plastic)
  • Receiver for wall socket

Step 1: The House Model

Our first step was to create a model. We used well-known programmes of 2D and 3D modeling (SolidWorks) to draw the house where we will put the lugs. Firstly, we made a small one in plywood, cutted with a lazer. Then we realized a bigger one. Finally we did the final house in plastic and in wood so we can see throught it to know if the lights are on or not. The parts were differently designed in each side depending the material that they were supposed to be connected. The drawings of the whole model house are attached.

Step 2: Telecommunication

The main tool was used in the implementation was Raspberry Pi.

A Radio Frequency module was bought , connected to the raspberry Pi and programmed in order to succeed be implemented the communication between the raspberry and the plug.

The connection of raspberry with the internet was implemented using the Wifi Protocol

Step 3: Light

To see efficiently if the plugs are on or off, we decided to plug lights so you can know easily just by looking at it. There was needed two led stripes to lighten the house. So that we connected the LED stripes together in raw. Also the voltage charge of led is 12V and the power plug voltage is 220V. So that we used a 220V/12V transporter in order to charge the LEDs with the appropriate rate.

Step 4: Smartphone App

Now that the telecommunication is done, we want to be able to change the status of the plug easily from anywhere. In order to do that, we decide to do a web app. The interface is really simple: you only have one button to turn in ON and OFF.



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    3 years ago

    This is great! I love wireless home monitoring devices!